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How to Perform a Physical Security Risk Assessment
Checklist for Physical Security Risk Assessments
What Will Be the Next Big Disaster?
Managed Messaging Security and Archiving
Message Archiving: The Basics
Encryption: What It Is and How It Is Used
ID Access and Management: The Basics of Physical Security
Network Perimeter Safety
Storage: The Basics
TJX Settles With Feds
Reaction to TJX Settlement: "A Very Light Slap on the Wrist"
DHS Secretary Chertoff to Business: 'Send us Your Best & Brightest'
Workplace Violence: What Every Financial Institution Needs to Know
FDIC Cited for Repeated Security Weaknesses
Federal Reserve Banks Cited for Security Deficiencies
Data Breach Report: Most Incidents Could be Prevented by Security Basics
Cyber Security: 'It's What We Don't Know that Worries Us'
Massive Internet Security Vulnerability Discovered
TJX Arrests Are 'Tip of the Iceberg'
Identity Theft: Lender Countrywide's Insider Case
Lessons Learned from TJX
Tips for Recovering Data from Water-Damaged Devices
Good Governance: How to be a Security Leader
Business Continuity Planning: The Case for Resource Allocation
6 Tips for Application Security Practitioners
New Report: Data Breaches up 47% in 2008; Insiders Blamed
Heartland Payment Systems, Forcht Bank Discover Data Breaches
Heartland Update: Banks, Credit Unions Alert Customers to Breach
Heartland Breach: Bigger than TJX?
Heartland Update: Class Action Suit Filed
FTC Mum on Heartland Breach
Fannie Mae Consultant Indicted
Heartland Data Breach: How to Tell Your Customers
Fraud Incidents Tied to Heartland Data Breach
Security Education: Meeting Business Needs - Interview with Dr. Peter Stephenson of Norwich University
Heartland Data Breach Update: Thousands of Institutions Impacted
Heartland Data Breach: List of Victims Grows; First Arrests Made
Two New Suits Filed in Heartland Data Breach
IT Security Tied to America's Economic Fortunes
Influencers: Melissa Hathaway
SEC Stops 'Massive Fraud' in Houston Investment Firm
Federal IT Agenda: 4 Top Priorities of 2009
Peer-to-Peer: Security Managers Collaborate Through NIST Forum
2009 Identity Fraud Report: Survey Results Explained by James Van Dyke, President of Javelin Strategy & Research
Heartland Data Breach: 500+ Institutions Affected
New Guidelines: Top 20 Cybersecurity Controls
Beyond Heartland: Another Payments Processor Linked to Data Breach
Cybersecurity Commission Seen Moving to New Phase
Six Tips for Protecting Your Career
Recruiters: Opportunities are There for Security Pros
Paul Kurtz: Heads Must Roll When IT Security is Compromised
GAO Probing Federal IT Security Programs - Interview with GAO's information security expert Gregory Wilshusen
Heartland Data Breach: Class Action Suit Filed on Behalf of Banking Institutions
Anatomy of a Data Breach Investigation: Interview with Alain Sheer, Attorney with the Federal Trade Commission
Government Bails Out Citi Again
Visa: There is No New Data Breach
5 Steps to Secure Remote Access
Administration Eyes Tightening Security Metrics
Obama Taps D.C. CTO as First Federal CIO
Future of Federal Cybersecurity, Part 1: Interview with Harry Raduege, Co-Chair of the Commission on Cybersecurity for the 44th Presidency
Future of Federal Cybersecurity, Part 2: Interview with Harry Raduege, Co-Chair of the Commission on Cybersecurity for the 44th Presidency
New Fed CIO Will Hold Second Job in OMB
The Insider Threat: 16 Tips to Protect Critical Data
DHS-NSA Turf War Behind Official's Resignation
Massachusetts Data Protection Law: What Your Business Needs to Know
Glitch Underscores Cloud Computing's Privacy Challenges
FISMA Reform: 6 Priorities to Consider
The Employment Value of Multiple Certifications
U.S. Not Ready for Virtual 9/11
GAO: IRS Modernization Program Still at Risk
Insights on the Insider Threat: Interview with Randy Trzeciak of Carnegie Mellon's CERT
Cybersecurity Education: Meeting Government and Business Needs - an Interview with Lawrence Rogers of CERT
Task Force: Information Sharing Critical to Nation's Security
The Influencers: Robert Carey
Heartland Data Breach: Visa Sets Deadline for Issuers to File Fraud Claims
Fed CIO: Guilt By Association?
Heartland Data Breach: Visa Delivers Security Update to Processors
GAO: Fake Documents Used to Issue Valid Passports
GAO: New IT Security Flaws Surface at SEC
ManTech Completes DDK Acquisition
Burst Stovepipes to Aid in Metrics Creation
Cybersecurity: What it Takes to Make a Career
Identity and Access Management: Career Prospects
Malware Incidents on the Rise at IRS
White House Reinstates Kundra as Federal CIO
Risk Management Priorities: Joe Restoule, President of RIMS
Invest in Your Career: Interview with Pat Myers, Chair of (ISC)2
Analysis: Stimulus Money Aimed at Government IT
FISMA Reforms Outlined: Senator Tom Carper
Senator: Office Computers Breached
Bill Mulled to Create White House Cybersecurity Office
NIST Updates Guidance on Information Security Awareness
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How to Earn a Master's in Business Continuity: John Orlando, Norwich University
NIST Seeks to Simplify Use of Its Bulky Publications
How to Earn a Master's in Information Assurance: John Orlando, Norwich University
NASCIO Guide Maps Out Security Standards
Outsourcing Trends: Vendors Offer Efficiencies to Employers, Opportunities to Pros
Pentagon: China Cyber Weaponry Poses Threat
Reporting Structure of Cybersecurity Czar Up In the Air
Is U.S. Too Big for Georgia-Style Cyber Attack to Succeed?
Karen Evans: A Common Sense Approach to IT Security
Is China Behind Cyber Spy Network?
FISMA Author Calls for Act to be Reformed: Interview with Tom Davis, One-Time Chairman of House Government Reform Committee
DHS Offers Tool to Detect Conficker
Weighing Pros, Cons of Cloud Computing Security
Data Privacy Trends: Randy Sabett, Information Security Attorney
Bill: Cybersecurity Advisor Would Report to President
Rules Make Adoption of Cloud Computing Challenge for Agencies
Bill Would Establish Federal CTO Post
White House Goes on Offense Over Cyber Defense
Industry: White House Needs Cybersecurity Leader
Gov, Financial Sectors Fare Well in Security Survey
Whatever Happened to Vivek Kundra?
IT Security Among GAO's 2010 Top Priorities
Privacy Issues and Education: Peter Kosmala, International Association of Privacy Professionals
'What Are You Doing to Protect My Information?' - Sidney Pearl of Unisys on Consumer Security Concerns
What's Happening at NIST: Curtis Barker, Computer Security Division chief
DoD Seen Hosting Commercial SaaS Apps
Trust in Government Leads to Attacks
Will Mergers Reshape Gov IT Security?
5 Things You Didn't Know About Cybersecurity Bill
Most .Gov Sites Flunk E-mail Authentication Test
Obama IT Team Coming Into Shape
If We Are Not a Team, We Lose
NIST Updates Password Guidance
Getting the Cybersecurity Organization Right
Report: Cybersecurity Military Command Coming
Hathaway: White House Must Lead in Cybersecurity
Hathaway RSA Remarks Praised Inside Beltway
FISMA Reform Bill Due Tuesday
Senate Focuses on Information Security
Swine Flu Raises Security Concerns
4 Errors That Foil Federal IT Security
U.S. Beefs Up Cyber Offense
W.H. Cyber Office Questioned
FISMA Reform Bill Introduced
Swine Flu: 5 Tips to Ensure Pandemic Preparation
Beyond Certifications: What are the Qualifications that Really Stand Out on a Resume?
5 Duties of a Cybersecurity Czar
Study Gauges U.S. Cyber Offense
Federal CISOs: In Good Standing
Pandemic Declaration 'Imminent,' Says WHO
Navy CIO: No Need for CISO Council
Safeguarding New Tech: Navy CIO Robert Carey
Swine Flu: "This Could be Our Next Pandemic" - Regina Phelps, Emergency Management Expert
8 Duties of an Agency CISO
"One of the Most Generous Scholarships I've Ever Seen" - Victor Piotrowski of the NSF on the Scholarship for Service Program
6 Instigators Threatening U.S. IT
The Influencers: Vivek Kundra
Fed IT Security Seen as Weak
NIST Eyes Automated Security Setting
Air Traffic Control System Vulnerable
Military Mulls Joint Cyber Defense
WHO: Up to 2 Billion May Get H1N1 Virus
9 Ways to Approach IT Security
Feds Budget $75.83 Billion for IT
WHO: Flu Virus Still Poses Risk Through Mutation
5 Intriguing Cyber Facts From Obama's Budget
Too Close for Comfort
Secure Flight Program Lauded
AF Cybersecurity Command Chosen
Flu Cases Jump in Japan
History's Lessons Fuel Information Security Careers
FISMA Efficacy Questioned
Creating an IT Security Culture
Excessive Unauthorized Access at DHS
Disk with 100K SSN Missing from National Archives
National Archives Q&A on Missing Disk
7 Key Elements for Fed Cybersecurity
Next Wave of Core Configuration
Agency Can't Locate 20% of its PCs
Seeking Game-Changing Ideas for Cybersecurity
Still the Law: 10 Must-Dos of FISMA
DISA's Cloud Computing Initiatives
Cybersecurity Directorate Coming
Federal Chief Privacy Officer Urged
The Cryptology Profession: Its Evolution, Growth, Skill Set and Career Prospects
The President's 10-Point Cybersecurity Action Plan
New Opportunities in Information Security - Interview with Gerald Masson, Director of Johns Hopkins University Information Security Institute
5 Key Themes of Obama's Cybersecurity Plan
Obama IT Security Plan Praised
10 Key Tasks of the Cybersecurity Czar
Key Lawmaker: High Rank for Cyber Czar
WHO: World Edging Toward Pandemic
NIST Deems Special Report as 'Historic'
Feds Pull Listing of Nuke Sites from Web
The Good Hacker
From Audit Guidelines to Red Team Attacks
Hacking to Secure Government IT Security
Air Force Taps Cyberspace Commander
"If I Were Starting My Career Today ..." - Interview with Steve Katz
Embezzlement: Find the Liars, Cheaters and Thieves
Cybersecurity R&D Needs New Approach
Constituents Speak, NIST Listens
Tsunami of Insecurity: Safeguarding Mobile Devices
Cybersecurity Bottleneck: Few PhDs
Pandemic Declared by WHO
Creating the Cybersecurity Renaissance Man
UK Follows Obama Lead on Cybersecurity
100-Plus Foreign Spy Agencies Assault U.S. Systems
"So, You Want to Work in Cybersecurity?" - Nadia Short of General Dynamics
Making Government Responsive While Safeguarding Privacy
NIST Issues Two Reports
No Government Plan to Shutter the Net
Estonia President, Obama Discuss Cybersecurity
City CISO Creates Own IT Security Guidance
Justice Calls for Breach Reporting Law
Picking the Cybersecurity Czar
How Powerful Should Cybersecurity Czar Be?
Group to Monitor Obama's Cybersecurity Promises
5 Fed Cybersecurity Priorities for the Summer
5 Tips for Safer Social Networking
Information Security Education: Expanding Career Opportunities Through Advanced Education at Regis University
Red Flags and Privacy: FTC Insights from Joel Winston
Pandemic Update: Regina Phelps on Level 6 and What it Means
Defending IT: Words from the New Military Cyber Commander
Security Spending Rises as Overall IT Budget Plunges
Ex-DHS Cyber Exec to Head ICANN
CISSP Online Training Offered by ISC2
Czar Prospect Offers Cybersecurity Vision
CIOs, CISOs Await the Cybersecurity Czar
Free Market Seen as FISMA Alternative
Making the Case for IT Security Certification
5 Ways to Strengthen FISMA
Audit, Risk Trends: Insights from David Melnick of Deloitte
'Watch Your Business Partners' - Bryan Sartin of Verizon Business on the Latest Data Breach Trends
Life After CISO: What Are the Options?
Cybersecurity Plan Means New Jobs
Privacy Act Reform Likely Delayed Till 2010
IT Unemployment at 5-Year High
DoD to Prospective Employees: Certification Required
White House Site Among Those Hacked
Proactive IT Security: Ridding the Patch Mentality
DHS Top Secret System Not FISMA Ready
Cyber Attacks: How Worried Should We Be?
Unique Programs: Enterprise Risk Management at NC State
EPA IT Security Creates a Can-Do Milieu
Sophisticated Cyber Assault Confused Network Managers
Leaving FISMA in the Dust: A True Metric for IT Security
GAO Issues Guide on Computer-Processed Data
Putting Consensus Audit Guidelines to Work
DISA Seeks Commercial DDoS Defense
NIST Analyzes Tools that ID's Flaws Hackers Could Exploit
Bill Fosters Global Cooperation on Cybersecurity
GAO: Fed Security Practices Threaten IT Integrity OK'd for Classified Endeavors
Are D.C. Insiders Stoking Cyber Fears?
A Heavenly Marriage: Physical, Virtual Security
Swine Flu Death Toll Tops 700
Study: Feds Face Severe Shortage of InfoSec Specialists
Mastering Information Security - New Graduate Program Debuts at ESU
Disconnect Exists between CISOs, HR Recruiters
NASA's 'Yes' Man
U.S. Still Hunts July 4 Website Hackers
Congress Seeks Enhanced Cybersecurity Oversight
10K Future Cybersecurity Specialists Sought
Creating the New Cybersecurity Pro
Fed Cookie Policy Details Emerge
Algorithm Sought to Analyze Insider Behavior
Ex-IRS IT Chief Named DHS CIO
Criticality of Credentialing: Verifying Government Employee Identities
IT Security Balancing Act
From Theory to Practice: The Value of an Online Education
Beating the IG at its Own Game
Gov-Biz Partnership: An IT Security Must
Symptoms of Novel Influenza A (H1N1) 'Swine' Flu
How to Prevent Spread of Illness to Healthy Employees
State Plays Trump Card to Entice InfoSec Pros
NIST Issues "Historic" Security Controls Guidance
NIST Draft: Security Content Automation Protocol
H1N1 Pandemic: What Every Organization Needs to Know
Hathaway to Leave White House Cyber Job
Social Nets Banned on Marine Network
Safeguarding IT Assets on the Cheap
State CISO Keeps an Eye on Washington
IT Services Payrolls Rise
Kwon Resigns as US-CERT Director
Congressmen's Websites Hacked
Kwon to Join RSA as VP
Offering an Academic Hand to Minority Schools
'Czar' Prospect on Federal Cybersecurity
Incident Response Essentials - Peter Allor,
"We Want to Be Recognized as the Leading ... School in the World" - Pradeep Khosla, Carnegie Mellon University
Business Continuity: Preparing for H1N1 and Beyond
Unique Programs: Information Assurance at Capella University
The Need for Forensics - Interview with Keith Barger of KPMG
How One DHS Unit Recruits Qualified Infosec Pros
National Cybersecurity Center Wiki Mulled
Bill Gives DHS Lead on Fed IT Security Policy
Impact on Cybersecurity Without a 'Czar'
NIST Issues New PIV, Cipher Modes Guidance
NIST Initiates Cryptographic Key Framework
Massachusetts Data Protection Law Amended, Delayed - Again
NIST Eyes IT Lab Reorganization
Career Opportunities in Incident Response
Air Force Activates Cyber Command in Texas
OMB Unveils Automated FISMA Reporting System
Size Can be Deceptive: Two-Man IT Security Unit
NIST Unveils Mobile Biometrics Guide
NIST Revises DNS Deployment Guide
Baseline on U.S. IT Security Set
IT Sector Regulation Appears Inevitable
NASA Remedies FISMA Compliance Failure
The CAE at 10: Interview with Dickie George of the NSA
Data Breach Trends - Mary Monahan, Javelin Strategy & Research
InfoSec Program Revisions Suggested
Security Metrics Pose Challenge to Researchers
Process, Policy Help Overcome Staffing Challenges
Process and Policy Help Overcome Staffing Challenges
An Assessment: Cybersecurity Reform Reality Check
5 Fed Cybersecurity Priorities for the Fall
City Defends IT System from Social Network Threats
States Eye Washington for Security Guidance
Acting Cyber Coordinator Named
Obama to Pick Gallagher to Head NIST
Hiring Trends: Information Security Bucks the Recession - David Foote, Foote Partners
Online Fraud: An Insider's View of Today's Top Threats
Obama's Failure to Tap Czar Criticized
Heartland on Defense at Senate Hearing
Testimony: Hackers Better Organized Than Government
New Report: Cyber Attacks Exploit 2 Vulnerabilities
DHS Maintains Effective Intel Management System
Feds Charge DoD Analyst with System Compromise
Information Security Careers 2009: Where the Jobs Are
Feds Launch Site Hawking Cloud Services
Cybersecurity Elevated as U.S. Intel Priority
Three Hacker Villains, Three Attack Scenarios
Q&A: Blair Speaks Out on Cybersecurity
DHS Disaster Plan for HQ Needs Work
H1N1 Update: How to Prepare for Flu Season - Regina Phelps, Pandemic Expert
The State of Information Assurance Education 2009: Prof. Eugene Spafford, Purdue University
Creativity Replaces Dollars to Safeguard IT
Digital Forensics: Great Need, New Careers - Rob Lee, SANS Institute
DoJ: Einstein 2 Doesn't Violate Privacy Rights
How to Prevent Security Breaches Through Effective Management and Control of USB Devices
Gov-Owned USBs to be Used on DoD Nets
Gov-Owned USBs to be Used on DoD Nets
The Future of PCI: 4 Questions to Answer
Net Neutrality's Security Implications Mulled
Panel OKs Fed InfoSec Workforce Review
GIAC Certifications in High Demand
Compelling Cybersecurity "Czar" to Testify
PCI Evolution Tied to Emerging Technologies
Cyber Defense: Size Doesn't Matter
Senate Kills 'Czar' Testimony Amendment
DoD Units Fail to Sanitize Hard Drives Before Shipment
Keeping IT Secure During a Budget Crisis
Virtualization Next for PCI Standard?
Government Information Security Leadership Awards to be Announced Oct. 7
Data Breach Trends: How to Avoid a Hack
Is Cyber Pearl Harbor Needed for Fed Action?
CIO Council Issues Social Media Guidance
Privacy and the Law: Alysa Hutnik of Kelley Drye
Defending PCI: 'Don't Blame the QSA's'
IG: Interior Fails to Comply with FDCC
Is Security Hampered by Decentralized IT?
From A to ZSK: Taming IT Acronyms Gone Wild
DHS Set to Hire Up to 1,000 IT Security Pros
NIST Updates IT Security Checklist Advice
IT Unemployment at Near 5-Year High
Taskforce Tackles New IT Security Metrics
Lawsuit: Heartland Knew Data Security Standard was 'Insufficient'
Online Crime up Nearly 600% in '09
The Influencers: Janet Napolitano
Cybersecurity: A Team Sport
Visa Announces New Data Encryption Practices
IG: SSA Tardy in IT Security Compliance
Culture War: Making Cyber Career Military Friendly
Hathaway Joins Kennedy School as Senior Adviser
Top Government InfoSec Pros Cited
'Phish Fry' Nets 100 Fraudsters
Top Cyber Risks: Alan Paller, SANS Institute
NIST Nomination Bodes Well for IT Lab Reform
NIST Nomination Bodes Well for IT Lab Reform
Phishing Sites Masking as IRS Soar
IG: DHS Needs to Tighten Websites' Controls
Aggressive Cyber Offense Questioned
Navy CIO Outlines 2010 Goals
The Influencers: Tom Carper
DHS Secretary, Bank Chiefs Confer on IT Security
NIST Scientist: FISMA Rules Constructive
NIST Set to Create Real-Time IT Security Metrics
NASA IT Vulnerable After 1,120 Security Incidents
Lessons from Spies
Fed Regulation of Private Data Mulled
Tokenization Vs. End-to-End Encryption: Experts Weigh in
Navy CIO Sees Key Role for Social Media
Retooling Battlefield Biometrics for the Home Front
Biometrics Not End-All in ID Theft Fight
NIST Suspends IT Lab Reorganization
House, Senate Showdown Over FISMA Reform
8% Yearly Rise Seen in Fed IT Security Spending
Is Behavioral Cybersecurity R&D Necessary?
Pandemic Seen Slowing Internet Traffic
The Influencers: Gregory Wilshusen
Feds to Build Cybersecurity Data Center
Is Protecting Vital Private IT a DHS Priority?
Going Private: Transition from Government to Business
Agency Infosec Spend a Mystery to OMB
Automated FISMA Reporting Tool Unveiled
Lieberman Seeks to Codify Cyber "Czar"
DHS Opens Cybersecurity Center in Virginia
Electronic Healthcare Records: The Impact on Your Organization
Navy to Secure CIO Site for IT Collaboration
Hathaway: Feds Can't Safeguard Cyber Assets Alone
Collins: Put Cyber "Czar" in DHS
Rep. Clarke: Slowdown on "Czar" Bills
GRC Trends for 2010 - Chris McClean, Forrester Research
Bill Defines New NIST Infosec Tasks
CAG Consortium Set to List Automated Tools
Data Breach Bills Clear Senate Panel
Interior Fails Big Time in FISMA Audit
New NIST Director Faces Cybersecurity Decisions
DISA Job Fair Targets Cybersecurity Students
Conventional War Strategy Doesn't Work in Cyberspace
Gartner's John Pescatore on 2010 Threats, Trends
Enterprise Risk Management: How to Engage Your Board of Directors
Dodd Banking Reform Plan Would Cut OCC, OTS
Weak Security Controls Raise Doubts About IRS Data
Third of Agency Report Daily Cyber Incidents
Call of Duty: The New Demand for Business Continuity Professionals
The Influencers: John Streufert
Little to Show for $45 MM Infosec Investment
OMB Told to Strengthen Agency IT Protection Plans
12 Ways to Improve Federal Cybersecurity
Obama Creates Financial Fraud Task Force
NIST Draft Takes New Approach on Risk Management
Georgia Tech Announces New Online MS in Information Security
Einstein 3 Privacy Concerns Voiced
A Career in the Secret Service: What it Takes
Bill Introduced to Ban Federal P2P Networks
House Panel Passes Cybersecurity Enhancement Bill
Tying New Tech, Trends to Specific Risks
New DHS Website Aimed at Infrastructure Safety
Congress Unlikely to Reform Privacy Act
The 7 Do's and Don'ts of Social Networking
Initiative Would Define Infosec Occupations
FBI Puts Cyber Threats in Perspective
Privacy Trends and Laws: J. Trevor Hughes of the IAPP
NIST Restructuring Mulled by New Director
Community Outreach: The Need for Information Security Pros
What Worries Melissa Hathaway?
5 Key Cybersecurity Areas for DHS to Tackle
Core Security Skills: What's Required in 2010?
Where the Jobs Are: 7 Growth Areas in 2010
The Well-Rounded Security Pro: Insights from Mark Lobel, ISACA
Group Offers Alternative to Cyber Regulations
New Consortium Formed for Cybersecurity Research
Rockefeller: Congress Failing on Cybersecurity
Tom Davis Joins Board of Tech Company
Why No Cybersecurity Coordinator, Yet
NASA's Hack Woes Continue
Senate Intel Panel Forms Cybersecurity Taskforce
No Cybersecurity "Czar," No Big Deal
FISMA Reform Without Reforming FISMA
The Future of the Information Security Profession
It's About Time: Bill Sewall on Making the Most of it
DHS Virtual Job Fair Seeks Infosec Pros
OMB Mulls Real-Time FISMA Metrics
Balancing Act: Security Vs. Functionality
Information Security Career Trends: Barbara Massa of McAfee
Acting Cybersecurity "Czar" Speaks Out
DHS to Deploy Einstein in Michigan
Center for Internet Security Taps Ex-AF CIO as Chair
Cyber Coordinator Characterized as a Eunuch
Audit Trends 2010: Warren Stippich Jr., Grant Thornton
Key Lawmaker Backs Idea of NIST Cybersecurity Lab
VA 3 Years Late in Granting Infosec Ed Aid
Reports: Schmidt Tapped as Cybersecurity Coordinator
Schmidt: A Take-No-Nonsense Cybersecurity "Czar"
Career Trends Survey Results: 2010 Promises New Roles, New Skills
The 20 Hottest Security Skills and Competencies
Top 10 Certifications for 2010
Cybersecurity "Czar" Hubbub Continues
Fault Shared on Nuke Document Posting
NIST Ready to Take On New Cybersecurity Tasks
ID Theft Threats to Watch in 2010
Marcus Ranum: The Biggest Security Threats Getting the Least Attention
The Multi-Sector Federal Workforce and Infosec
Letting Users Manage Their Online Identities
Keeping a Step Ahead of the Virtual Enemy
Giving NIST New Tasks to Safeguard U.S. IT
Cybersecurity Year in Review: 10 Top Happenings
Leading the Way in 2010
Learn & Earn: Balancing the Demands of Work, School
Cybersecurity Awareness Program Gets Help
Cyber Attack Exercise Planned
Cisco Security Report: Malware, Social Media are Top Risks
Does Dearth of Infosec Pros Pose Risk?
NIST-Validated Flash Drives Hacked
Cybersecurity's Critical Need: Better Metrics
MBA with a Focus on Cybersecurity
Recession Rocks IT Profession
IG Favorably Rates DHS Intel IT System
Information Security Career Predictions - David Foote on What's Hot and Why
ISACA Introduces New Certification for IT Risk Professionals
4 Priorities of Security Leaders
Google-China Row Spurs on Cyber Bill
The Internet: Model T of the 21st Century
Advanced Persistent Threat: Security Strategies from Ron Gula, CEO, Tenable Network Security
Fraudsters Take Aim At Mobile Banking
5 Government Cybersecurity Challenges in 2010
Recruiting a Cybersecurity Workforce
FISMA Reform or Not
Securing the Cloud
NIST's Growing Influence
8 Essential Habits of Successful Leaders
Microsoft to Congress: Enact Law to Secure Cloud Data
Johns Hopkins Introduces Part-Time MS in Information Assurance
Clinton Warns Foes Against Cyber Attacks
Data Breach Report: Malicious Attacks Doubled in 2009
DoD on Cybersecurity Diplomatic Mission
Is Congress Risk Averse on Cybersecurity?
Lockheed Martin Offers New Cyber University
Glass Seen As Half Full in Infosec Skills Search
Howard Schmidt: Internet Safer Than in Past
Which Nation is Most Feared in Cyberspace?
Are We Engaged in a Cyberwar?
House Slates Vote on Cybersecurity Bill
CNCI Budget Request Set at $3.6 Billion
Cisco Taps Hathaway as Senior Adviser
Far-Reaching Impact of the Cyber Threat
Navy Establishes Cyberspace Command
Howard Schmidt: In His Own Words
Response to Obama on Regulatory Reform - Christie Sciacca, ex-FDIC
Cyber Scholarship to Require More Work
NASA IT Vulnerable to Disruption
House Passes Cybersecurity Enhancement Act
Technology as a Substitute for the IT Security Pro
Melissa Hathaway Joins Terremark's Board
China: Police Shutter Hacker Site
Are You Ready for the Risk of Mobile Malware?
Social Media: New Haven for Job Seekers
New Javelin Study: ID Fraud Hits Record Highs
What Next? Cybersecurity Legislation in the Senate
Defense Systems to Bypass Public Internet
Collective Cyber Defense: Int'l Synergy a Must
"My Goal is to Make 10 Million Citizens Worldwide Cyber Aware"
Setting Tone at the Top: Jennifer Bayuk on Leadership
Group Proposes Suits Over Faulty Code
NIST to Host Biometrics Conference
IG: DHS Too Slow in Identification Credentialing
Feds Name Healthcare Chief Privacy Officer
Botnet Strikes 2,500 Organizations Worldwide
Digital Forensics -- Career Tips from Rob Lee of SANS Institute
Help Wanted: Cybersecurity Contractor
Military Lifts 15-Month Ban on Removable Media
Emerging Careers in Application Security
Information Assurance: 10 Tips for Choosing the Right Online Education
Trust: Essential Asset of Federal CISO
Fraud Prevention in Obama's New Plan
FTC: Companies Unknowingly Exposing Data to Fraud
America Seen Losing Cyber War
Howard Schmidt's First Press Conference
White House to Create Health IT Task Force
Easing DoD-Business Collaboration Limits Proposed
How to Manage Social Media - Jerry Mechling, Harvard Kennedy School
Cloud Providers' Hiring Methods Pose Risks
Kneber Botnet Threat to Government IT
White House Partly Lifts CNCI Secrecy
Napolitano Seeks Private-Sector Infosec Help
Survey: Security Salaries Are Up
FBI Chief Calls for Business Cooperation
Howard Schmidt Dismisses Cyberwar Fears
GAO: CNCI's Goals are at Risk
NIST Guidance Seen Saving Government Millions
PCI: What's Next and When?
Hope, Concern Behind States' Quest for the Cloud
Certifications: What's New?
Insider Alleged to Hack TSA Computer
Entrepreneurs Seek Voice Inside Beltway
5 Deadly Sins of Job Seekers
Job Hunter's Guide to Social Media
Lifting the Veil on Cybersecurity Secrets
Rockefeller, Snowe Revise Cybersecurity Bill
Secure Access to Sensitive Data: Insights from John Bordwine, Public Sector CTO, Symantec
Legal Careers for Security Pros
NIST Issues Security Configuration Guidance
April Date Likely for Alexander Confirmation Hearing
Sensitive Taxpayer Information at Risk
Google Stops Censoring Chinese Site
Heartland Hacker to be Sentenced
NIST Director Outlines Labs' Realignment
Senate Panel Approves Cybersecurity Act
FISMA Reform Bill Unveiled in House
Information Security Agenda - Kevin Richards, President of ISSA
TJX Hacker Gonzalez Gets 20 Years For Crime
Navy Net Set to Permit Public Internet Tools
Heartland Hacker Sentenced to 20 Years
Bills Target International Cyber Criminals
Feds Challenged on Key Infosec Initiatives
Initiative Could Speed Fed Cloud Adoption
California CIO Tapped as DoD Top IT Exec
Kundra Previews New FISMA Guidance
Coalition Calls for Update of Privacy Act
Most Agencies to Deploy TIC By End of 2010
Insider Threat: Your Greatest Risks
DHS Cybersecurity Update: 190 Jobs Offered
Kundra Outlines Infosec Priorities
Beyond Firewalls and Encryption
IT Employment Gains in First Quarter
No-Brainer: How Agencies Can Secure IT
How the State Dept. Cut IT Risk by 90 Percent
New ISSA President Sets 3-Point Agenda
"Shadow" Report Calls for Global Summit
The Case for Federated ID Management
What's Most Misunderstood About Cloud Computing?
Insider Threat: No Industry is Safe
Does New Breach Law Have Teeth?
Inside a Security Audit: The Bad News
6 Key Cybersecurity Bills Before Congress
NIST Issues Privacy Guidance
NIST, NSA Tackle Privilege Management
Payments, Privacy and Vendor Management - Global Best Practices
Our Ambassador to Cyberspace
GAO Dissects 2 Key Infosec Initiatives
Federated ID Management: The Time is Now
Career Opportunities for Service Vets
Have You Ever Considered Teaching?
FITSP: New Certification for Fed Security Pros
IT Security Jitters: Staff Vs. Execs
Social Media: What Every Senior Leader Must Know
Alexander Comes Under Friendly Fire
House Panel OKs $150 Million for Infosec R&D
Hearing Sought on Chinese Cyber Attacks
Fed's Never-Ending IT Security Woes
House Panel Approves NIST Restructuring Bill
DHS Fills 2 Key Cybersecurity Posts
Commerce Eyes Privacy-Innovation Nexus
Breach Alert: Copiers Are a Risk
FISMA Reporting Moves Into the 21st Century
FBI Taps New Cyber Division Leader
Cyber Crime: New Threats, New Targets
Fed's Common Sense Vetting of Cloud Providers
Building an Online Reputation
NIST Restructuring Bill Heads to House
Rockefeller Stumps for His Cybersecurity Bill
NIST to Coordinate Cyber Ed Initiative
FHFA Comes Up Short in GAO Audit
New Twist on Insider Crimes
Treasury Websites Reportedly Hacked
Treasury: Cloud Computing Host Hacked
Profiles in Leadership
FISMA Reform Bill Clears House Panel
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Lawmaker: Pressing Need for Cybersecurity Law
Colorado CISO to Leave Job in July
PCI Update Gets Mixed Reviews
House Vote on NIST Reform Bill Falls Short
Big Challenges Remain to Secure VA IT
Blair's Resignation and U.S. Cybersecurity
Regulatory Reform Clears Senate
FISMA Reform Bill Clears House Committee
$50,000 Fine in Records Dumping Case
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House Adopts Major Cybersecurity Measure
House OK's Bill to Restructure NIST
Stolen Laptop Breach Affects 61,000
Wanted: 10,000 New Cybersecurity Pros
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IG Questions DHS Execution of Active Directory
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Beyond Availability: Melissa Hathaway on the Cloud
The State of Cybersecurity
Security Task Force Details Emerge
Lawmakers Question Rush to the Cloud
Senators Unveil Long-Awaited Cybersecurity Bill
How to Avoid Hiring Fraudsters
Bill Fosters Gov-Wide Infosec Collaboration
Calif. CISO Oversees Execution of Standards
2010's Top Fraud Trends
10 R&D Cybersecurity Initiatives Congress Seeks
"We're Not Getting Enough Education to the Right People"
Navy CIO to Leave by End of Summer
Administration Declines to Back Cybersecurity Bill
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VA Security Incidents for May Revealed
Who's In Charge During a Major Cyber Attack?
Switch to Continuous Monitoring Requires New Skills
Mark Weatherford Resigns as California CISO
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NY Eyes Cyber-Homeland Security Merger
Boards Losing Focus on Security
U.S.-CERT Needs Enforcement Authority
Microsoft Execs Like What They See in D.C.
Einstein Presents Big Challenge to U.S.-CERT
NIST Issues Computer Security Annual Report
Meet Bobbie Stempfley
Medicare, Medicaid Using Anti-Fraud Tool
What it Takes to be a Global Security Leader
Senate Panel Clears Major Cybersecurity Bill
White House Unveils Online Authentication Plan
FAA Criticized for IT Security
U.S. Spends $8.8 Billion to Secure Classified Data
OMB Ends Federal Agency Decade-Long Cookie Ban
Tapping the Power of Social Media
Prepare for Careers in the Cloud
NIST Revises Security Controls Bible
Navy CIO Moves to Fleet Cyber Command
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Employers Add 55,000 IT Jobs in 2nd Quarter
GAO to White House: Do More on R&D
Senate Defense Bill Veils Cyber Provisions
The CISO as Role Model
6 Community Colleges Named CAE
NIST Issues Guide for Forensic Web Services
Pros and Cons of a Cybersecurity Bill
VA Fixing Contracts' Security Terms
It's Time to 'Take Security Out of the Closet'
Dangers of Software Customization Exposed
GRC Challenge for Security Pros
Attribution: Cure Worse Than the Illness?
BP Aftermath: Fear of Fraud
9 Key Cybersecurity Roles for Government
University Offers New Cybersecurity Degrees
GAO Calls for Rules to Govern Fed Use of Web 2.0
What it Takes to Fight Fraud
New DHS FISMA Tasks to Be Phased In
GSA Certifies Google Apps for Government Cloud
Aim of Commerce Initiative: Build Confidence in Net
Insider Threat: 'You Can't Stop Stupid'
NASA CISO Jerry Davis Moving to the VA
Marcus Ranum on Today's Top Threats
Beware Phishing via Fax
Crisis Leadership: How to Survive
Fraudulent Passports Issuance Plagues State
Ranum: Be Serious about Cybersecurity
Security Vs. Privacy: No Contest, Really
House Cybersecurity Caucus Launches Website
Bob Carr on Leadership in a Crisis
GAO: U.S. Interests in Cyberspace at Disadvantage
The Threat of Consumer Technology
Cyber Commission Has a Hard Act to Follow
Gates Awaits Study to Decide Fate of DoD's CIO
Tagging Specific Infosec Occupations for Government
A Call for Tougher Infosec Certifications
Inside the Verizon Breach Report
Defense CIO Post to Be Restructured
Social Media Policy - The 6 Essentials
Bob Russo on PCI Update: 'No Surprises'
PCI Updates Unveiled
PCI Update Gets Mixed Reviews
IT Built for Speed to Market, Not Security
GAO: Gov-Biz Info Sharing Needs to Improve
Job Market Hot for Fresh Grads
Cloud Computing Leaders & Laggards
Video: Searching for the Good Hacker
Gov Vs. Biz: One Kind of Public-Private Partnership
Conn. A.G. Investigates Smaller Breach
California Eyes Stronger Privacy Law
Infosec Provisions Seen as Rider to Senate Defense Bill
Lynn: Flash Drive Behind Major DoD Breach
DoD Unveils New Cyber Defense Strategy
Key Elements of Risk Management
ID Theft: Courts Cracking Down
Video: Why Cyber Challenge is Needed
Retirees Hit by Website Breach
U.S.-CERT Eyes Expanded Mission
Cloud Computing: Questions to Ask
How to Protect Consumers from ID Theft
Heartland, Discover Settle for $5 Million
State CISOs: Tough Challenge to Secure Data
New Vishing Spree Strikes U.S.
Poker Face: Stopping the Insider Job
5 Critical Elements of a Cloud Framework
Improving Patients' Access to Records
Infosec's Tediousness Can Cause Vulnerabilities
Dispute Arises Over Breach Notification
GAO: Sensitive Government Data at Risk
Advice to Security Pros: Learn Chinese
Lynn Seeks Global Cybersec Cooperation
Cloud Computing's Benefit: Agility, Not Money
University Bans Social Media
Carper: Schmidt Needn't Testify Before Congress
Theis Resigns as Michigan CIO
VA Outlines Two Security Initiatives
Tom Carper on Cybersec Bill's Prospects
Indictment Alleges HIPAA Violations
Still on the Hook for FISMA Compliance
PCI Community to Weigh in
Contractors Compete for Cyber Pros
ID Theft Ring Busted
Social Media Ban: The Impact
Minor Changes Urged for Data Breach Bill
Main Defender of Vital Tech: Industry
U.S.-Russia Cyber Accord: How Doable?
How to Protect Privacy in Cyberspace
PCI Details Expected in October
CISOs Paint Gloomy Picture of State IT Security
Overcoming Fear of the Cloud
Cybersecurity Law: What Congress Can, Cannot Pass
IG Gives DHS Intel System Clean Bill of Health, of Sorts
Security Pros Need Forensics Skills
37 'Money Mules' Arrested
Zeus Arrests Won't End Fraud
The Achilles Heel of PCI Compliance
Is CyberScope Ready for Prime Time?
PCI: New Guidance for EMV, Encryption
Cybersecurity as a Catalyst for Economic Growth
How to Survive Social Media
White House Slow to Execute Cyber Policy
FDIC on Vendor Management
How to Manage Gen Y
Third Quarter IT Payrolls Swell by 40,000
FTC: No Major PHR Breaches So Far
How to Beat Keyloggers
DHS, DoD to Tackle Jointly Cyber Defense
Bugat is New Malware of Choice
Mismailing Causes VA Information Breach
Managing Privacy in a M&A
Microsoft Targets Zeus
PCI: Smaller Merchants Threatened
Business Continuity: Getting it Right
Converging Physical, Logical Security
Two Cyberfraud Advisories Issued
Medicaid Breach Affects 280,000
New Fraud Advice "Lacks Imagination"
Avalanche Phishers Migrate to Zeus
ID Theft: SARs On The Rise
$200 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme Alleged
White House Forms Internet Privacy Panel
Top Schools for Information Assurance
Weak Infosec Places Historic Papers in Jeopardy
New PCI Standards Finalized
Chip & PIN Needs PCI
DOT Computers Vulnerable to Attack
Gates Reaffirms Takai as Next DoD CIO
Practical Combinational Tutorial
Human Quarantines Seen as Model In Cyberworld
Top 4 Skimming Threats
AG Sues WellPoint Over Breach
EMV, Top 5 Tech Advances in Payments
Incident Response: Drafting the Team
White House Issues Secure Cloud Computing Guidance
The Election's Impact on Cybersecurity
Risk Management: Articulating the Value
ID Theft: SSN Is 'Key to the Kingdom'
Will New Congress Alter HITECH Plans?
Linking Machines, Humans to Secure IT
Getting Out of the Infosec Budget Rut
Genetic Nondiscrimination Rule Unveiled
SSA Faulted on Lax Infosec Enforcement
ISACA on Risk, Compliance Trends
CISO as a Leader to Transform Government
GAO: Weak Controls Put IRS System at Risk
Davis: No Lame-Duck Vote on Infosec
Congress Back; No Cyber Bill in Sight
Moving to the Cloud: Gov's Chief Concern
Infosec Seen as NASA Management Challenge
Security Pros: Expect a Raise in 2011
VA Addresses Thumb Drive Risk
Bill Would Create DHS Cyber Compliance Unit
MS-ISAC Opens New Operation Center
Cleveland Federal Reserve Hacked
NIST Issues Guidance to Secure WiMAX
Cyber Monday Risks for Banks, Stores
Privacy Violations Result in 8 Fines
Navy Taps Ex-Army Intel Officer as CIO
Spaf on Security Education in 2011
DOT CIO Questions FISMA Audits' Value
Seattle Fraud Spree: Case Grows
DoD Unveils Secure, YouTube-Like Social Net
Privacy Advocates Call for FTC Action
Addressing Public Wi-Fi Security Risks
The Future of Electronic Payments
Incident Response Trends for 2011
Real, Digital Authentication Coalesce
ID Theft: It's Who You Know
8 Best Ways to Secure Wireless Technology
FDIC's IT Systems at Elevated Risk
Incident Response Career Trends
Fed Infosec Spending Seen Rising By 9% a Year
Senate Passes Red Flags Exemptions
Where the Jobs Are: 2011
FTC Calls for Online Privacy Policies
WikiLeaks: Is Cloud the Solution?
Top 3 Payments Trends for 2011
Patient Palm Scans as a Fraud Preventer
Military Overuses PII Raises ID Theft Risk
Dozen Misuses of PII in the Military
Feds, Financial Sector in R&D Initiative
House Approves Red Flags Exemptions
The Business of Security
EMV and Mobile Payments
OMB Unveils Data Center Consolidation, Cloud Plan
Virtual Nuke Testing System Data at Risk
How to Prevent a WikiLeaks-Like Breach
Emerging Risks of Online Shopping
WikiLeaks: "It's a Major Wake-up Call"
Governing Cybersecurity from the White House
Setting a Tokenization Standard
Involving Non-Tech Agency Brass in Infosec
NASA's JPL Reaches for the Cloud
A NASA CTO Professes Faith in the Cloud
2011 Outlook: 'Complexity is the Biggest Problem'
Social Media Ban: Lessons Learned
Cyber Reforms Excised from Defense Act
State Department Creates Cyber Coordinator Post
NIST Offers Continuous Monitoring Guidance
WikiLeaks Backlash: 'We Are Going to Take You Down'
OSU Hack Exposes Info on 760K People
How to Write a Social Media Policy
Senate Approves NIST Reorganization
Obama Signs Red Flags Exemptions Bill
Napolitano Outlines DHS Cybersecurity Focus
Internal Audit: The 2011 Agenda
NIST Reorganization Bill Heads to White House
Marcus Ranum on 2011 Security Outlook
Faces of Fraud 2011: Beware Cross-Channel Threats
Personal Info Exposed on Web Calendar
IT Risk: Getting Top Leaders Involved
2011 Privacy, Security Regulatory Outlook
10 Happenings Shaping Gov IT Security in 2010
NIST Guidance Targets Secure Use of IPv6
Exempting Infosec Pros from Civil Service
State Battles Data Leakage
Top 5 IT Security Certifications for 2011
Quiz: Test Your Gov IT Security Knowledge for 2010
Answers to the 2010 Government IT Security Quiz
OIG to Scrutinize Privacy Protections
Skimming: Criminals' Tech Improving
Fed Workers Practice Good IT Security Hygiene
GSA's IG Identifies 4 IT Security Weakness
Agencies' WikiLeaks Assessment Deadline Set
Obama Signs NIST Reorganization Bill
10 Hot Information Security Careers
Persistence: Trait Giving Infosec Leaders a Headache
NSA Breaks Ground on Cybersecurity Center
The Age of 'Involuntary Transparency'
On-the-Job Cybersecurity Training
NIST Readies Grid Physical-Cyber Security Plan
Records Snoops Fired at Tucson Hospital
NSA Unveils Smartphone Recruitment Apps
Regulators Can Help Obama Secure IT
Ex-TSA Analyst Sentenced for Computer Hack
IT Employment Ends 2010 Near 2-Year High
Securing the Global Supply Chain
Hearing Slated on EHR 'Language'
The Social Media Challenge
Cloud Computing Security Addressed in EU Paper
Executive Training for Security Leaders
Educating Agency Heads About IT Risk
Tracking Bad Guys Who Enter IT Systems
Lynn in Europe to Discusses Cybersecurity
10 Top Government Infosec Leaders for 2011
NIST Issues Guidance on Cryptographic Algorithms
Biggest Security & Privacy Topics of 2011
Lynn Contrasts Military-Cyber Defense
States Struggle to Find IT Security Personnel
EHR Incentives Spur Security Steps
Senate Democrats Unveil Cybersecurity Bill
Cryptography in the Cloud
GOP Bill Would Gut HITECH Funding
Beware of Social Media for Screening
Cyber Challenge Eyes High School Students
Einstein 3 Deployment to Begin in 2011
FFIEC Compliance Could Save You Money
44th Presidency Commission Issues Update
5 Essentials of Global Leadership
NIST to Offer HIPAA Toolkit
Senators: No Internet Kill Switch in Bill
New NIST Guidance Tackles Public Cloud Security
ONC's Blumenthal to Step Down