Intelligent Imaging for the Real Time World

Intelligent Imaging for the Real Time World

Banking is undergoing a massive shift that began with the automated teller machine, continued with online banking, and is now accelerating with the advent of mobile computing. It wasn't that long ago that banking customers were limited to the branch on Main Street. Teller services were confined to the 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. "banker's hours" of the 1800's and loan approvals proceeded at a stately, unhurried pace. But today, customers are free to do their banking from anywhere and at any time. Indeed, the very idea of visiting a branch is becoming an antiquated notion - most of us opt for the drive-up ATM instead. Driven by smart phones, iPads and 24/7 connection to the Internet, bank performance these days is less about a physical branch experience and more about the real time experience customers have when interacting with the firm.

Download the White Paper to explore

  • What intelligent imaging is;
  • Why loan origination is still bound by paper and how intelligent imaging can help it become paperless;
  • How intelligent imaging systems enable important improvements and capabilities so banks can meet challenges.

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