The Definitive Guide to Micro-Segmentation

The Definitive Guide to Micro-Segmentation

The explosive growth of IP networking has let a genie out of the bottle. The more an organization or nation is connected to the internet, the more vulnerable it becomes. The challenge is finding the right balance between "can" and "should" - the fact that we can connect every person, server, app, and cloud vs. the reality that we should control how applications and users communicate with each other.

Organizations must be both safe and agile with technologies that reduce complexity of operations without compromising security. Therefore, security must leverage existing investments while supporting development and emerging technologies. That is why micro-segmentation needs to be smart and adaptive.

Download this practical eBook guide for IT and security professionals which details:

  • Creating a new security system as you move down the path of micro-segmentation;
  • The capabilities you should look for and the benefits to expect;
  • The next steps to take to find the balance between can and should.

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