Cyberwar Threats: New Security Strategies for Governments

Cyberwar Threats: New Security Strategies for Governments Cyberwar is changing how government needs to handle security because the traditional fortress approach is no longer enough. Sophisticated criminals, state-sponsored espionage and persistent, patient attacks easily slip past firewalls, intrusion detection systems and other defenses. A real-time, continuous awareness of the infrastructure is needed to understand and mitigate the new risks.

In this white paper, learn:

  • The nature of cyberwar's advanced persistent threats and why traditional defenses are not enough

  • Why the government is focusing on risk management to meet these threats

  • Why continuous monitoring and proactive defense is the new mantra

  • What tools are needed to help government tackle this security challenge

  • How Tripwire's solutions provide the real time, end-to-end visibility, intelligence and automated response necessary to fight cyberwar

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