Continuous Monitoring in a Virtual Environment

Continuous Monitoring in a Virtual Environment

As our digital ecosystems evolve, we must remain aware of new and emerging risks and stay committed to finding new methods of ensuring protection. Today's cyber attacks reflect an extensive array of techniques designed to compromise and infiltrate. In fact, these attacks have grown so complex and varied that traditional IT system defenses - such as antivirus (AV) software and intrusion prevention systems (IPSs) - have been rendered obsolete.

This paper will focus on a more aggressive and proactive self-assessment, beginning with continuous monitoring ... the first step in addressing the use of intelligent metrics to empower greater cyber-situational awareness within our government agencies.

  • How do we prepare for this new cyber world?
  • How do we react and defend our networks on a continuous basis?
  • What countermeasures are available to increase our defensive postures?

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