The Business Justification for Data Security

The Business Justification for Data Security "Noisy" threats like viruses, worms, and Trojans seem to get all the attention. But how aware is your CEO of the "quiet," insidious threats, like data loss and theft, which can have significant financial impact and may damage your company's brand? Often, investments in data protection are motivated solely by compliance pressures and contractual obligations. For security professionals, it's a challenge to convince executive management to invest in data protection when it's difficult to demonstrate direct impact to profits and revenues. And assigning a monetary value to information assets is no small task.

In this white paper, you'll learn how to build a justification for better data security through:

  • Qualitative assessments of the value of various types of data, including credit card numbers, healthcare records, trade secrets, intellectual property, and personal identification

  • Measurements of the probability of risk to data

  • Common data security risks, such as lost media, unintentional disclosure, external attacks or breaches, and insider theft

  • Understanding the repercussions of loss

  • The cost and efficiency benefits

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