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Managing Change: The Must-Have Skills for Security Professionals

Managing Change: The Must-Have Skills for Security Professionals
In healthcare, financial services and other sectors, information breaches are an epidemic. More than 400 major healthcare breaches have been reported since late 2009. And headline-grabbing breaches in the financial services sector, such as the Sony and Global Payments incidents, illustrate why preventing breaches - and their potentially astronomical costs - is more important than ever.

Creating a corporate culture that values privacy is an essential component of breach-prevention efforts. Breach prevention is destined to fail unless everyone at a company buys into the importance of protecting sensitive information.

But how does a leader help create that culture? That's the challenge.

Senior executives who want to help create a new corporate culture must develop the skills needed to manage change. In this webinar, a nationally known expert will offer timely strategies, including:

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  • A detailed three-step change process;
  • How to overcome resistance to change;
  • How using "emotional intelligence" can help assure success.


Building a corporate culture that makes privacy and regulatory compliance a top priority is hard work. Managing change is never easy. Too many senior leaders try to lead an effort to change their organizations with the same approach that works for other major initiatives, only to quickly discover that this top-down approach won't work.

A successful effort to manage change requires a hands-on strategy that engages many people in the process. It requires a vision of the future, a realistic assessment of current functioning and an open-ended plan to move the organization forward.

Understanding the resistance to change that emerges is critical to identifying the appropriate techniques to overcoming the problems that invariably arise during a change initiative.

Attendees at this webinar will gain practical insights on applying proven techniques to help ensure the success of an effort to build a corporate culture that values privacy.

This webinar will describe:

  • Why a project that involves managing a change in corporate culture is different from other major initiatives;
  • The three vital steps involved in the change process;
  • Why "management by committee" is doomed to fail;
  • The role of leadership in a major change initiative;
  • The change vision value proposition;
  • The inevitable emergence of resistance, both institutional and individual;
  • Techniques for overcoming resistance to change;
  • The use of a concept called "emotional intelligence" to help change behaviors and transform the culture.
To help illustrate a practical approach to managing change, our speaker will offer an example of how a hospital can apply the concepts to help create a culture of compliance.

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