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OnDemand | Passwordless - The Future of Authentication

OnDemand | Passwordless - The Future of Authentication

Passwords are inherently easy for adversaries to subvert. Due to password fatigue, users often choose weak passwords. They also often reuse or only slightly modify old passwords for different accounts.

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As a result, Over 80% of breaches involving web applications is attributed to use of stolen credentials, while 50% of all breaches involved stolen credentials.

“Passwords have multiple weaknesses that attackers can exploit. Even the best password policy cannot mitigate spyware or phishing attacks.”

Most organizations are pushing toward passwordless authentication to strengthen their security measures. Are you ready to take your next step on the journey to passwordless?

Register for this webinar to learn:

  • Insights into common attack vectors that target uses and exploit vulnerabilities in organizations;
  • Tips on how to strengthen your MFA and device policies to frustrate attackers;
  • Phishing resistant MFA and enterprise use cases;
  • A journey to passkey implementation.

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