Quiz: Test Your Gov IT Security Knowledge for 2010

12 Questions on Past Year's Government IT Security Developments
Quiz: Test Your Gov IT Security Knowledge for 2010
Test your knowledge on happenings in government IT security during 2010.

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1. Who left his job as his state's top IT security official to become president and chief executive of the Center for Internet Security?

  1. Mark Weatherford
  2. Robert Maley
  3. Seth Kulakow
  4. Will Pelgrin

2. Which state fired its chief information security officer for disclosing at an IT security conference details about an anomaly in its reservation system to schedule driver license tests?

  1. California
  2. Colorado
  3. Nevada
  4. Pennsylvania

3. Karen Evans coauthored a white paper calling for a new regime in IT security certification. Which of these job did Evans never hold?

  1. Administrator for E-Government and IT at the Office of Management and Budget
  2. CIO at the Department of Commerce
  3. Director, Justice Department's Information Resources Management Division, Office of Justice Programs
  4. National Director of the U.S. Cyber Challenge

4. Who did incoming Speaker John Boehner tap to coordinate a more efficient way to address cybersecurity legislation in the House of Representatives?

  1. Darrell Issa
  2. Mac Thornberry
  3. Michael McCaul
  4. Peter King

5. Sameer Bhalotra is the new

  1. Counselor to DHS Deputy Undersecretary Philip Reitinger
  2. Deputy to Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt
  3. Director of federal network security at the National Cybersecurity Division
  4. Director of the United States Emergency Response Readiness Team

6. Sens. Joseph Lieberman, Susan Collins and Tom Carper introduced comprehensive IT security legislation last June. It was known as:

  1. Cybersecurity Act of 2010
  2. Cybersecurity Enhancement Act of 2010
  3. Federal Information Security Amendments Act of 2010
  4. Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act of 2010

7. The U.S. Cyber Challenge sponsored three statewide contests to encourage mostly college-age students to consider careers in IT security. Which state did not hold a contest in 2010?

  1. California
  2. Delaware
  3. New York
  4. Virginia

8. NIST either issued or revised a number of its Special Reports during 2010. Match the reports' numbers with their titles.

  1. SP 800-34
  2. SP 800-53A
  3. SP 800-122
  4. SP 800-127
  5. SP 800-128
  1. Assessing the Security Controls in Federal Information Systems
  2. Contingency Planning Federal Information Systems
  3. Protecting the Confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information
  4. Securing WiMAX Wireless Communications
  5. Security Configuration Management of Information Systems

9. How much did the Obama administration request to fund the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative in fiscal year 2011?

  1. $3.6 billion
  2. $5.3 billion
  3. $12.5 billion
  4. $25.1 billion

10. Which cabinet department created the post coordinator for cyber issues?

  1. Commerce
  2. Defense
  3. Homeland Security
  4. State

11. The National Association of State Chief Information Officers asked state IT security officials what major barriers their states face in addressing information security. Place the top five barriers in order.

  1. Inadequate availability of security professionals
  2. Increasing sophistication of threats
  3. Lack of sufficient funding
  4. Lack of support from business stakeholders
  5. Lack of visibility and influence within the enterprise

12. The federal government created a new program called FedRAMP. FedRAMP is a way

  1. Agencies can jointly vet cloud computing providers
  2. Federal government IT networks securely access the Internet
  3. Local/tribal/state governments piggyback on federal government contracts
  4. Vehicles exit I-395 into the Capitol parking garage

Here are the answers.

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