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Claro Enterprise Solutions' Kelly Rein on the Role of IoT Devices, AI-Based Video Scanning in Security
Kelly Rein, senior director of product, Claro

Historically, IT and physical security teams have served in separate areas, but that is changing due to emerging threats such as a drone that landed on a firm's roof to steal data. Both teams need to be alerted to threats, said Kelly Rein, senior director of product at Claro Enterprise Solutions.

Rooftops typically are not monitored closely, but artificial intelligence-enhanced security cameras could identify drones on the video. AI can also help monitor doorways or server rooms for suspicious activity - and act quickly.

"There would be an alert sent out to both the physical security team and the cybersecurity team to inform them that there was a threat, and the cybersecurity team could start looking for or identifying any kind of abnormal behavior on the network," Rein said.

In this video interview with Information Security Media Group at Black Hat USA 2023, Rein discussed:

  • How to overcome silos between physical and IT security;
  • The role of AI in identifying threats and accelerating responses;
  • How Claro is deploying vulnerability monitoring and continuous threat evaluation to protect enterprises.

Rein, who leads products at Claro Enterprise Solutions, is also a certified ethical hacker and has completed on-site training with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security at Idaho National Labs.

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