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Ashley Madison Breach: 6 Essential Lessons
UK Police Detail DDoS-for-Hire Arrests
Ashley Madison CEO Loses His Job
FBI Alert: Business Email Scam Losses Exceed $1.2 Billion
Former Secret Service Agent Pleads Guilty to $800K Bitcoin Theft
Lizard Squad DDoS Attack Targets UK National Crime Agency
Jailbreaking iOS Devices: Risks to Users, Enterprises
DDoS for Extortion: How to Fight Back
OPM Breach Notifications: 21.5 Million Are Still Waiting
New HIPAA Compliance Audit Details Revealed
Sony Agrees To Settle Cyber-Attack Lawsuit
Hackers Exploit Stolen Firefox Bug Information
Excellus BlueCross BlueShield Hacked
Researchers Crack 11 Million Ashley Madison Passwords
Assessing the Cost of Cybersecurity
Attacks on Insurers: Lessons Learned
EMV: Why U.S. Will Miss Oct. Deadline
India, Russia to Form Cybersecurity Group?
Russian Mega-Hacker Pleads Guilty in Largest U.S. Breach
Second Russian Pleads Guilty in Massive Hacker Attack
Apple Battles App Store Malware Outbreak
Chinese President Dismisses Hacking Allegations
Draft Encryption Policy Meets Swift Demise
Analysis: HHS' Revised Strategic Health IT Plan
Guilty Plea in Morgan Stanley Insider Breach
Apple Malware Outbreak: Infected App Count Grows
Stolen OPM Fingerprints: What's the Risk?
OIG: Obamacare Data Repository Had Security Flaws
Malware Warning: Banks, Customers, ATMs Under Fire
EMV Struggle: 7 Lessons from Europe
U.S., China Reach Cyber Agreement
Fraud Ringleader Gets 15-Year Sentence
Trump Hotels Confirms POS Malware Breach
Breach Tally: HIPAA Omnibus' Impact
GAO: Agencies Show Persistent Cybersecurity Weaknesses
U.S.-China Cybersecurity Agreement: What's Next?
OIG Reports: HIPAA Enforcement Activities Need a Boost
DDoS Warnings: Emerging Threats Pack a Punch
Russian Citadel Mastermind Sentenced to 4.5 Years
Experian Hack Slams T-Mobile Customers
Privacy, Security Obstacles to Health Data Exchange Persist
Scottrade Belatedly Learns of Breach
IG Reopens Probe into Secret Service Agents Spying on Chaffetz Files
Portal Offers HIPAA Insights for App Developers
Hacker Twins Get Light Sentences
EU Court Invalidates U.S.-EU Data Sharing Agreement
HHS Releases HITECH Act Final Rules
EMV Rollout: Are We There Yet?
Angler Ransomware Campaign Disrupted
EDR - Hunting on the Endpoint
Risk Analysis, Encryption Stressed in HITECH Act Final Rules
Analyzing ONC's Interoperability Roadmap
Report: USPS Workers Vulnerable to Phishing Scams
Experian Faces Congressional Scrutiny Over Breach
Amazon Downplays Cloud Breach Threat
Analysis: Significance of China's Arrest of Hackers
Warning: EHR Donations Could Violate 'Anti-Kickback' Regs
E*Trade, Dow Jones Issue Breach Alerts
Dell Buying EMC: The Impact on RSA
E*Trade, Dow Jones: 7 Breach Lessons
Dridex Malware Campaign Disrupted
Target Rolls Out Chip & PIN Cards
Obamacare: The Latest Privacy, Security Steps
Protecting Shared Data
Inside the Dridex Malware Takedown
Dow Jones Dismisses Russian Hack Report
Update or Uninstall Flash, Experts Warn
Alleged Fraud Scam Involves Doctored Records System
Fox-IT's Driehuis on Why Attribution Matters
Breaking the Attack Lifecycle
New Protection Strategies for Healthcare Networks
CIA Director's AOL Email Account Reportedly Hacked
Apple Squashes Apps for Secretly Tracking Users
How Criminals Cracked EMV
Senate Wrestles with Cyber Threat Info Sharing Bill
Trend Micro Reaches for TippingPoint
Insights on Detecting Insider Threats
Changing Cybersecurity Defense Postures
Improving Cyber Risk Management
TalkTalk Faces Ransom Demand After Breach
TalkTalk Breach Fuels Call for Tougher UK Laws
Using Analytics to Fight Fraud
Fighting Fraud During EMV Migration
More GAO Tests Show Obamacare Enrollment Woes
TalkTalk Hack: UK Police Bust Teenage Suspect
Former NSA Deputy Director Chris Inglis on the Role of Government in Combating Cyber Threats
Texas Mental Health Center Hacked
Senate Passes Cybersecurity Info Sharing Bill
Cisco to Acquire Lancope
Former NSA Deputy Director Chris Inglis on Combating Insider Threats
Former NSA Deputy Director Chris Inglis on the Technology of Combating Cyber Threats
Former NSA Deputy Director Chris Inglis on the Strategy of Combating Cyber Threats
LifeLock Tentatively Settles with FTC
CISA's Hidden Secret: More Power to DHS
Did Doctor Violate HIPAA for Political Campaign?
Federal Cybersecurity Strategy Revised
TalkTalk Breach: Third Suspect Arrested
Creating an 'Enterprise Immune System'
FFIEC Issues Extortion Attack Alert
Paroled Lab Tech Indicted for ID Theft
Malware Used to Launch DDoS Attacks
OCR, FDA Security Enforcement to Be Scrutinized
Federal Agencies Rush to Inventory Key IT Assets
UK's Snowden Response: Surveillance Debate
NIST Publishes Application Whitelisting Guide
Heartland CEO Carr Reflects on Breach
Refined Ransomware Streamlines Extortion
New Hacks, Thefts Added to 'Wall of Shame'
Hackers Claim FBI Information-Sharing Portal Breached
FCC Fines Cox Over Breach Incident
State Fines Hospital, EMC After Breach
Phishing Scam Targets Apple Users
Spies Join UK Online Crime Fight
Charges Announced in JPMorgan Chase Hack
4 Barriers to Hiring DHS InfoSec Experts
5 Secrets to Security Success
Senators Want ID Theft Answers from HHS
FFIEC Updates Cybersecurity Expectations for Boards
Expert: Security Problems Plague Integration Tools
GAO: Taxpayer Data at Increased Risk
5 Vulnerability Warnings
Judge Dismisses FTC Case Against LabMD
Video: Ron Ross Promotes New InfoSec Approach
How to Respond to the Increase of APTs
Irish Cybercrime Conference Targets Top Threats
Email Breaches Lead to 'Wall of Shame'
Michaels Breach: How the Fraudsters Pulled it Off
Critical Infrastructure: Better Cybersecurity Metrics Needed
Banks: Starwood Breach Not Isolated
How to Identify Insider Threats
Dell Releases Fix for Root Certificate Fail
Moody's Warns Cyber Risks Could Impact Credit Ratings
Lahey Hospital Fined $850,000 in HIPAA Case
FTC to Appeal Ruling that Dismissed LabMD Case
FBI Probes 1.2B Stolen Credentials
Video: Fed's Focus on Faster Payments
Toymaker VTech Hacked: 200,000 Kids' Data Exposed
Puerto Rico Insurer Fined $3.5 Million in HIPAA Settlement
HHS OIG Outlines Anti-Fraud, Security Actions
Congress Probes Mobile Payments Security
Target Reaches Settlement with Banks
China: Chinese Criminals Hacked OPM
Why VTech Breach is So Bad - and So Avoidable
Two-Factor Authentication Far from Ubiquitous at Hospitals
U.S., China Advance InfoSec Cooperation
NY Medical Center Faces HIPAA Penalty
Dorkbot Botnets Get Busted
Obama Stokes Crypto Debate
Bloatware Bugs: Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba
EU Hammers Out Cybersecurity Rules
House Panel OK's National Breach Notification Bill
Police Raid Suspected Bitcoin Founder's House
FBI Detects Another Healthcare Cyberattack
Wyndham Agrees to Settle FTC Breach Case
Sextortion Scheme: Former U.S. Official Pleads Guilty
NullCrew Hacker Pleads Guilty to Cyberattacks
Audit Finds Security Woes at California Medi-Cal Plans
Malware Hides, Except When It Shouts
Twitter Issues First-Ever State-Sponsored Attack Alerts
Phishing Breach Results in $750,000 HIPAA Penalty
Home Depot Asked to Disclose Breach Settlement Details
MacKeeper: 13M Customers' Details Exposed
VTech Breach Suspect Arrested
FBI Busts Comcast Hacking Suspects
Congress Set to Enact Cyberthreat Information-Sharing Law
FireEye Patches Flaw Found by Google
EU Agrees on Data Protection Rule Reboot
What's Best Way to Boost Health Information Exchange?
LifeLock Settles FTC Case for $100 Million
How to Work with Law Enforcement After a Breach
Obama Signs Cyber Threat Information Sharing Bill
Who Backdoored Juniper's Code?
Updated Mobile Malware Targets Android
Juniper Devices Are Under Attack
Fighting Business Email Compromises
Top 10 Influencers in Government InfoSec
191 Million U.S. Voter Registration Records Exposed?
Lessons from 2015's Top Health Data Breaches
Steps Executives Can Take to Fight Fraud
Ukrainian Power Grid: Hacked
HIPAA Privacy Rule Modified for Gun Background Checks
Ukrainian Power Grid Hack: 9 Questions
FTC Fines Software Vendor Over Encryption Claims
Tracking Cloud Services: An Essential Security Step
DDoS: 4 Attack Trends to Watch in 2016
Uber Settles Over Data Breach
Patients' Records Access Rights Under HIPAA Clarified
Juniper Firmware: New Crypto Flaw Found
Top 10 Influencers in Banking InfoSec
Fitbit Hack: What Are the Lessons?
Europol Announces DD4BC Arrests
Analysis: Impact of DD4BC Arrests
Fortinet Refutes SSH 'Backdoor' Report
Top 10 Data Breach Influencers
If EHR Incentive Program Ending, What's Next?
Will FFIEC Revamp Cyber Assessment Tool?
Upgrade Now: Old Internet Explorer Loses Support
Hyatt Breach: 250 Hotels, 50 Countries
Bitcoin Heist Steals Millions from Exchange
Casino Sues Trustwave Over Data Breach
FDA Issues More Medical Device Security Guidance
Zero-Day Flaw Found in Linux
Cyber Insurance for Business Continuity
Breach Investigations: Who's Accountable?
A Jump Start for a National Patient ID?
SOCs: Focus on Outcome, Not Process
Draft Bill Tackles EHR Privacy, Security Issues
More Phishing Attacks Target Ukraine Energy Sector
Banks to FFIEC: Cyber Tool is Flawed
Fortinet Finds More SSH Backdoors
DoD to Design Security Clearance Systems
Cyber Extortion: Fighting DDoS Attacks
Hard Drives Lost, Affecting Nearly 1 Million
Malware Attack Slams Israeli Electricity Authority
Coercing Companies to Name Security-Savvy Directors
'Where's the Breach?'
GAO: Feds' Einstein Program Comes Up Short
OpenSSL Flaw Enables HTTPS Decryption
Virtual Currency Kingpin Pleads Guilty
Study: Default Encryption Won't Hinder Surveillance
Breached Utah Health Dept.'s Security Gaps Pinpointed
Landry's Reveals Details of POS Breach
'Privacy Shield' to Replace Safe Harbor
OCR Slaps Home Health Provider with Penalty
Will Automation Threaten Security Jobs?
Nominee Explains OPM's Recovery from Massive Breach
OCR 'Cyber-Awareness' Effort: Will It Have an Impact?
Building a Hack-Proof RFID Chip
Report: Dyre Crackdown in Moscow
The Impact of New Privacy Rules for Substance Abuse Patients
Dox Files: DHS Probes Information Dump
Obama Creating Federal CISO Post
Insider Blunders Still a Common Breach Culprit
10 Facts About New Federal CISO Position
More Funding for HIPAA Audits?
Tax Commissioner Expects More IRS Cyberattacks
Why Detecting Insider Breaches Is So Challenging
Should Banks Expect New Cybersecurity Guidance?
Crypto Review: Backdoors Won't Help
UK Police Arrest Suspect Over CIA Director's Email Hack
VoIP Phones: Eavesdropping Alert
New HIPAA Guidance For Mobile Apps, Health Info Exchange
New Fraud Taskforce: Game-Changer or PR Move?
Ransomware Hits Hospitals
Film Claims US Hacked Iran's Critical Infrastructure
Apple Blasts Judge's iPhone Backdoor Order
DDoS Suspect Arrested After Rescue at Sea
DHS Issues Guidance on How to Share Cyberthreat Data
Former National Security Adviser, Ex-IBM CEO to Head Obama's Cybersecurity Panel
Apple, FBI Draw Lines in Crypto Battle
DoJ: Apple Puts Marketing Before Law
Alert: Patch Critical 'Skeleton Key' Flaw in Linux
Mega Mess: Records Escape from Disposal Truck
Banking Trojans Expand Their Reach
Apple-FBI Battle: Where the Presidential Candidates Stand
Beleaguered OPM CIO Departs
Apple, FBI Escalate Crypto Fight
Case Shines Spotlight on HIPAA's Marketing Rules
Acecard Android Trojan Raises Serious Concerns
Cook: Apple Wanted More Discussions with Feds
Report: Apple Building iPhone It Can't Hack
Anthem Breach: Lessons One Year Later
House IT Panel Chairman: Don't Weaken Encryption
IRS Doubles Number of Get Transcript Victims
Analysis: Calif. AG Report on Adopting Security Controls
Apple Wins Legal Round Over Unlocking a 2nd iPhone
How Cybercriminals Use Facebook
Apple, FBI Battle Before House Judiciary Committee
RSA Conference Debates Apple vs. FBI
The Push for Encrypted Email
Fighting Fraud with Convenience and Security
Threat Intelligence - Develop It Before You Need It
Breach Is Not Inevitable
New Strategies for Third-Party Management
The Evolution of Cybersecurity
IoT, Cyberterrorism, Malware Pose New Threats
RSA Conference 2016: Editors' Preview
The Convergence of Security and Fraud
Specialized Threat Analysis and Protection: The New Model
Banking on Millennials: Balancing Convenience & Security in the Digital Era
The Benefits of Centralized Security Platforms
Why Education Is Best Anti-Phishing Solution
Vendor Risk Management: Getting it Right
Cybersecurity and Risk From the Inside Out
Security Quest: Reducing Complexity
Ransomware Grows More Targeted
Treat Data Security Like Firefighting
Art Coviello on the State of Security and Privacy
Global Cyber Alliance: 'A Coalition of the Angry'
The Value of an Integrated Security Platform
Spotlight Is on Privacy
Tools and Skills to Improve Privileged Access Management
Enterprise Security: What Erodes Confidence?
Are Security Tools Slowing Your Response?
RSA Conference 2016: Tuesday Review
RSA Conference 2016: Wednesday Preview
Attack Target: The Midmarket
Where Superior Intel Defeats Advanced Threats
Responding to the New Wave of DDoS
Wade Baker: A Researcher Takes on a New Role
Investing in Security's Future
RSA Conference 2016: Wednesday Wrap-Up
IBM Security Bolsters Response Capabilities
The Need for Enterprise Breach Remediation
Govern Access, Not Just Identities
Alert: Ransomware Targets Macs
Lessons From the Lifecycle of a Startup
Cancer Center Chain: Hacker Attack Affects 2.2 Million
OIG: HHS InfoSec Weaknesses Need Attention
How Will Home Depot Consumer Settlement Affect Banks?
IRS Disables Hacked PIN Tool
Bangladesh Bank Hackers Steal $100 Million
Feds Counter Apple's Arguments Over iPhone 'Backdoor'
FBI Warning: Ransomware Is Surging
Enhancing Email Security
Hackers Attack DDoS Defense Hosting Firm
Security Experts Slam Obama's Crypto Smackdown
Could FTC Play Bigger Role in Card Security?
Congressmen Decry 'Sluggish' Release of HIPAA Guidance
Cyberthreat Information Sharing Privacy Concerns Raised
Merchants Ask Court for Relief from EMV Liability Shift
Apple Accuses DoJ of Constitutional, Technical Ignorance
'Egregious' Breach Results in Hefty Settlement
Russian Banks Targeted by Fake Security Alerts
Remote Access: New Guidance from NIST
Trojan Targets Apple iOS DRM Flaw
Provider Faces $1.55 Million Penalty for BA's Breach
Research Institute Breach Results in $3.9 Million Sanction
OIG: VA Must Address InfoSec Weaknesses
PCI Council Adds European Partner to Fight Fraud
Feds Obtain Delay in Apple Hearing
This Year's HIPAA Audits an Interim Step
Cyber Insurance: Why is Growth Stymied?
Hospital Ransomware Attacks Surge; So Now What?
7 Iranians Indicted for DDoS Attacks Against U.S. Banks
Report Spotlights Security Weaknesses
Verizon Confirms Breach Affecting Business Customers
Control Your Own Keys
Audit Reveals IRS Struggles to Implement Security Controls
FBI Unlocks iPhone; Lawsuit Against Apple Dropped
MedStar Shuts Systems After Cyberattack
Fighting DDoS Threats: A New Approach
Ransomware: Time for a HIPAA Update?
FTC Breach-Related Actions Could Influence Other Agencies
Ransomware: Attacks Against Government Agencies Widespread
Cancer Center Chain Faces Multiple Breach Lawsuits
Ransomware Epidemic Prompts FBI Guidance
EMV: Not Ready for Prime Time?
Security Flaws in Legacy Medical Supply Systems Spotlighted
Preparing for the Migration of Fraud
'Panama Papers' Spill Insider Secrets
Thwarting Healthcare Cyberattacks: New Guidance
'Panama Papers' - 6 Security Takeaways
OCR Releases New HIPAA Audit Protocol
Trump Hotels Breached Again?
Faster Payments: Mitigating the Fraud Risks
Who's in Charge at DoD During a Civilian Cyber Incident?
Cyberattacks: Why Law Firms Are Under Fire
NIST's New Guidance Could Simplify Some Encryption
Easy & Cost-Effective Ways to Secure Your Applications
Sony Breach Settlement: A Good Deal?
Emergency Flash Patch Battles Ransomware
White House Proposes $3 Billion Fund to Modernize Federal IT
House Panel Investigates FDIC Breach
Ransomware: Is It Ever OK to Pay?
Young DDoS Software Developer Escapes Jail Time
IRS Chief: Agency Faces Loss of Key InfoSec Personnel
Analysis: Security Blunders at Government Health Agencies
Badlock is Bad - But Could Be Worse
House Panel OK's Email Privacy Act
Report: EHR-Enabled Fraud Still a Concern
Cybersecurity Commission Includes Former Heads of NSA, NIST
Russia: 7-Year Sentence for Blackhole Mastermind
New Hybrid Banking Trojan 'GozNym' Steals Millions
JBoss Servers: Ransomware Campaign Alert
Jury Awards EHR Vendor $940 Million in Trade Secrets Case
Drug Fraud Scheme Includes Criminal HIPAA Violations
P.F. Chang's Ruling: Is the Tide Shifting?
Lack of BA Agreement Costs Clinic $750,000
Two SpyEye Malware Masterminds Sentenced
Cybercrime Gang Tied to 20 Million Stolen Cards
NY Presbyterian Hospital Slapped With Second HIPAA Fine
Feds Add Ransomware to Pump/Dump Scheme Charges
Bangladesh Bank Attackers Hacked SWIFT Software
Report: US 'Dropping Cyber Bombs' Against ISIS
Georgia Couple Confesses to IRS 'Get Transcript' Fraud Scheme
Bangladesh Bank Heist: Lessons Learned
HIE Dispute With Vendor Spotlights Critical Security Issues
An In-Depth Analysis of How Automobiles Can Be Hacked
SWIFT Confirms Repeat Hack Attacks
Qatar National Bank Suffers Massive Breach
House Unanimously Approves Email Privacy Act
Click-Fraud Kingpin Receives 7-Year Sentence
Medicare's New Physician Payment Plan: Impact on Security
Joint Commission OKs Secure Texting for Patient Care Orders
Dridex Banking Trojan Makes a Resurgence, Targets US
Proposed Legislation Aims to Elevate HHS CISO Role
Gozi Creator Sentenced for Bank Attacks
QNB Confirms Leak, Downplays Damage
Tax Return Fraudsters Hit ADP Portal
OCR: Pay More Attention to Business Associate Risks
Anonymous Threatens Bank DDoS Disruptions
InvestBank UAE Breached?
FTC, FCC Launch Mobile Security Inquiries
Loss of Records From Disposal Truck Triggers Legal Action
Hackers Leak Data of 5 South Asian Banks
Researchers' Goal: Mitigate DDoS Attacks Within 10 Seconds
Israel to Extradite Alleged Chase Hackers
Zero-Day Attacks Pummel IE, Flash
Verizon Breach Report Criticized
Wendy's Finally Reveals More Breach Details
VirusTotal Move Stirs Conflict in Anti-Virus Market
SWIFT to Banks: Get Your Security Act Together
Police Reveal Botnet Herders' Disaster Recovery Secrets
SWIFT Warns Banks: Coordinated Malware Attacks Underway
Mozilla Presses Government to Reveal Firefox Vulnerability
Commercial Bank of Ceylon Hacked?
FFIEC's New Mobile Security Guidance: An Assessment
Vietnamese Bank Blocks $1 Million SWIFT Heist
Apple Nixes iOS Security Tool From Noted Researcher
Hacker Attacks in Healthcare: What's Changed in 2016 So Far?
Researcher Hacks Symantec's AV Via Email
Engineer Charged With Stealing Medical Device Trade Secrets
Supreme Court Rejects Online Privacy Case
Judge to Mozilla: Ask FBI for Firefox Vulnerability Details
LinkedIn Breach: Worse Than Advertised
SEC Chair: Cybersecurity Is No. 1 Risk
Master Key to TeslaCrypt Released by Ransomware Gang
Banks, Regulators React to SWIFT Hack
The Cybersecurity Industry's Big Blind Spot
Another SWIFT Hack Stole $12 Million
Officials in Several Nations Probe SWIFT Security
The New Incident Response Challenge
Ransomware Attackers Double-Bill Hospital
Swiss Defense Firm Hack Tied to 'Turla' Malware
Durbin on Government's Role in Cybersecurity
SWIFT Promises Security Overhaul, Fraud Detection
Australia, New Zealand Still Mulling Data Breach Laws
Ransomware: Healthcare Fights Back
Congress Explores Healthcare CISOs' Roles
Lessons From ATM Cash-Out Scheme in Japan
Account Takeover: The Bane of E-Commerce
Report: Bangladesh Probes 2013 Bank Hack via SWIFT
Business Email Compromise: How Big Is the Problem?
Video Interview: LabMD's Mike Daugherty on Battle With FTC
Troy Hunt: The Delicate Balance in Data Breach Reporting
Analysis: HHS Precision Medicine Security Framework
Did a MySpace Hack Compromise 427 Million Passwords?
Bangladesh Eyes Insider Angle for SWIFT Bank Attack
Anthem Breach Lawsuit Proceeds; CareFirst Suit Dismissed
Is the US Ready for Faster Payments?
MySpace Fallout: More Big Breaches to Come?
Is Australia Spending Enough on Cybersecurity?
5 SWIFT Cyber Heist Investigations
Court Clears Way for Banks' Home Depot Suit to Proceed
Russian Police Bust Alleged Bank Malware Gang
Fraudulent SWIFT Transfers: Congress Queries New York Fed
NFL Players' Medical Information Stolen
Does This Drone Sport the World's Most Secure Operating System?
Analysis: Bank Sues Insurer for Fraud Coverage, Wins
TeamViewer Bolsters Security After Account Takeovers
Laptop Breach May Affect 400,000 Prisoners
LeakedSource: 'Assume Every Website Has Been Hacked'
Akamai: Beware of Copycat Extortionists
F-Secure's Mikko Hypponen Details 5 Top Cybercrime Trends
OCR: Step Up Patching of Third-Party Apps
Will SWIFT-Related Heists Trigger More Regulatory Oversight?
Dropbox Confident Amidst Breaches
32.8 Million Twitter Credentials May Have Been Leaked
Zbot: Cybercrime's New Super Infrastructure?
Monitoring of Medical Device Security to Be Scrutinized
University of Calgary Pays Ransom
Symantec to Buy Blue Coat for $4.65 Billion
Morgan Stanley's SEC Penalty Called Inadequate
Did Russia Knock Out a Critical Cybercrime Tool?
No HIPAA Waiver Needed in Orlando Shooting Aftermath
Report: Russia's 'Best' Hackers Access DNC's Trump Research
After Russia Hacks DNC: Surprising Candor
Critiquing FDA Medical Device Cybersecurity Guidance
Scans Confirm: The Internet is a Dump
Lone Hacker Claims to Have Breached DNC
CEO Fraud Attackers Seek Personal Details, FBI Warns
Mega-Breaches: Top Avoidance Techniques
Adobe Flings Flash Fix for Fresh APT Target
FTC Ruling in Battle with LabMD Delayed
GoToMyPC Initiates Mass Password Reset
Latest Ransomware Relies on JavaScript
$55 Million in Digital Currency Stolen from Investment Fund
Federal Reserve Watchdog Probes Banks' Cybersecurity
GAO: Sensitive Government Data at Risk of Disclosure
Compromised RDP Server Tally From xDedic May Be Higher
Feds Charge 301 Individuals in $900 Million Healthcare Fraud 'Sweep'
Regulator: US Brokerage Accounts Hacked by UK Citizen
Stresser/Booter Services Fuel DDoS Extortion
Senate Proposal Calls for VA to Drop Use of SSNs
Let's Encrypt Clashes with Comodo Over Trademark
CrowdStrike: Defenders Must Look Beyond Malware Detection
Brexit: What's Next for Privacy, Policing, Surveillance?
Respiratory Therapist Convicted in HIPAA Criminal Case
4 Stolen Health Databases Reportedly for Sale on Dark Web
xDedic: What to Do If Your RDP Server Was Pwned
Bangladesh Bank Ends FireEye Investigation Into Heist
FBI Flash Alerts: How Can They Be Improved?
Second Symantec Anti-Virus Bugfest Found
MySpace, LinkedIn Data Just a Click Away
Bizmatics Cyberattack: Assessing the Fallout
Savvy Hackers Don't Need Malware
First Business Associate HIPAA Penalty Announced
Congressmen: Ransomware Requires New Guidance
Android Flaw Allows Full-Disk Crypto Bypass
Europe Passes Landmark Cybersecurity Law
Wall of Shame: Mid-Year 2016 Breach Trends
Cisco Eyes Ties Between Angler and Lurk Malware
Android Trojanized Adware 'Shedun' Infections Surge
Breaches Propelling IT Security Workforce Growth
Security 'No. 1 Priority' in VA IT Transformation
Google Tests Post-Quantum Crypto
Omni Hotels & Resorts Hit by Hacker
Researchers Unleash Ransomware Annihilation
Pokémon Go Mayhem: Privacy, Muggings, Malware
HHS: Most Ransomware Attacks Reportable Breaches
Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Strategy Unveiled
Organizations Facing HIPAA Audits Notified
'The Dark Overlord' Advertises Stolen Source Code
Europe's New Privacy Shield: Will It Hold?
China Suspected in FDIC Breaches
The Rapid Rise of Mobile Fraud
The Human Element in Cyber Defense
Taiwan Heist Highlights ATM Weaknesses
Bill Aims to Bolster Use of Cloud Services by U.S. Government
$2.7 Million HIPAA Penalty for Two Smaller Breaches
Fed's Fast Payment Effort Won't Change After SWIFT Heists
Baseball Hacking Case Ends with Prison
Joint Commission Delays Lifting Secure Text Messaging Ban
Turkey Blocks WikiLeaks Following Failed Military Coup
Japan Issues Pokémon Go Safety Guidance
RSA's Yoran Issues Call to Action
France Slams Windows 10 Privacy, Security Controls
Report: New York Fed Fumbled Cyber-Heist Response
SWIFT Heists: The New Account Takeovers?
Leaked DNC Emails Show Lax Cybersecurity
'No More Ransom' Portal Offers Respite From Ransomware
2016: A Watershed Year for HIPAA Enforcement
DNC Breach More Severe Than First Believed
New White House Policy Defines Coordination of Cyber Response
President's Cyber Response Directive Gets Mixed Reviews
HIPAA Audits: The Heavy Documentation Demands
Interbank Payments: Attackers' New Target
FTC Overturns Dismissal of Security Case Against LabMD
Clinton Campaign Reports Breach
LastPass Patches Password Manager Vulnerability
HHS to Fund a Cyber Threat Information Sharing Leader
Advice on Spotting Insider Threats
Banner Health Breach Affects 3.7 Million
Bitcoin Hack Highlights Cryptocurrency Challenges
Email Fraud: An Inside Look at the Fraudsters
Advocate Health Hit with Record $5.5 Million HIPAA Penalty
Facing Cyber Extortion? Step 1: Don't Panic
Churchgoing Nigerians Drive Business Email Attacks
The Advantages of Centralizing Fraud Departments
Australia in Privacy Furor Over Census
Four Android Flaws Leave 900M Devices at Risk
HIPAA Criminal Prosecutions on the Rise
Espionage Malware Penetrates Air-Gapped Networks
OPM Taps DoD IT Leader as New CIO
FDA Addresses Medical Device Cybersecurity Modifications
Australian Census Disrupted by DDoS
DoD Watchdog Agency to Audit Military EHR Security
Security, Privacy, Risk: Think Convergence
Fighting for Jurisdiction Post-Breach
IBM Faces Heat Over Aussie Census Stumble
Ransomware Extortion: A Question of Time
Cerber 2 Ransomware: Free Decryption Tool Released
Recent POS Attacks: Are They Linked?
Confirmed: Leaked Equation Group Hacking Tools Are Real
Equation Group Stings Firewall Vendors with Zero-Day Flaws
Retooled Locky Ransomware Pummels Healthcare Sector
Eddie Bauer Hacked by POS Malware
Sage Group's Very Bad Month
A New Way to Mitigate USB Risks
Complexity as Cause, Cure of Cyber Threat Woes
Analysis: SWIFT-Related Heists: Who's to Blame?
Android Vulnerable to Serious TCP Flaw in Linux
NSA Pwned Cisco VPNs for 11 Years
Epic Games Forums Breached Again
Ashley Madison Slammed by Regulators
New York Times Reportedly Targeted by Russian Hackers
Equation Group Hacking Tool Dump: 5 Lessons
Provider Treating Nightclub Shooting Victims Reports Breach
Cisco Patches ASA Devices Against EXTRABACON
Apple Fixes Zero-Day Flaws Used to Target Activist
POS Malware Hits Two Hotel Chains
Report on Cardiac Device Cyber Vulnerabilities Fuels Debate
Guilty: Russian POS Malware Hacking Kingpin Stole 2M Cards
Lessons from Strengths, Weaknesses of HHS Security Controls
Analysis: FBI Warning About Voter Database Attacks
New 'Ripper' Malware Fueled Thai ATM Attacks
CrowdStrike, Invincea Integrate With VirusTotal
'Ripper' ATM Malware: Where Will Cybercriminals Strike Next?
SWIFT Sees New Hack Attacks Against Banks
Kimpton Hotels Hit by Card Breach
Dropbox's Big, Bad, Belated Breach Notification
'Guccifer' Hacker Sentenced to 52 Months
LabMD Files for 'Stay' of FTC Order Pending Appeal
Nashville Hotel Suffered POS Breach for Three Years
Encrypting the Internet of Things
Fraud Case Centers on Alleged Stolen Pediatric Clinic Data
GOP Report: OPM Failed to Detect 2nd Hacker in Breach
St. Jude Medical Files Lawsuit Over Device Security Report
Bad Crypto Key Hygiene Equals Internet of Things Danger
Obama Names Retired Air Force General as First Federal CISO
Regulators Slam Wells Fargo for Identity Theft
Feds Bust Alleged 'Crackas With Attitude' Hackers
SentinelOne to Stay Out of VirusTotal
DDoS for Hire: Israel Arrests Two Suspects
Report on VA Contractor Security Weaknesses Offers Lessons
Hacker Jailed for Gold Robbery Campaign
Ransomware Breach Notifications: Sign of Things to Come?
Cybercrime-as-a-Service Economy: Stronger Than Ever
Hackers Dump US Olympic Athletes' Drug-Testing Results
Microsoft Patches Zero-Day Flaw Used by Malvertising Gangs
GAO: Obamacare Enrollment Fraud Vulnerabilities Persist
OCR: Business Associate HIPAA Audits Coming Soon
NIST Unveils a Cybersecurity Self-Assessment Tool
Could FBI Have Cracked Shooter's iPhone for Less Than $100?
After Equation Group Dump, Cisco Finds New Zero-Day Flaw
SWIFT Announces Fraud Pattern Detection Controls
Ideas for Filling the Cybersecurity Skills Gap
Tesla Patches Cars Against Wi-Fi 'Braking' Attack
Modeling, Simulation Tools Help Identify Threats Before an Attack
Clinic Reports Security Incident Involving HIE Access
Massive Yahoo Data Breach Shatters Records
Another Way to Violate Privacy: PHI in Court Documents
Broadening the Scope of Mobile Security
Outdated BA Agreement Results in $400,000 HIPAA Settlement
Yahoo Faces Lawsuits Over Breach
SWIFT Will Begin Enforcing Mandatory Security Controls
Rep. McCaul: US Must Gain Decryption Edge
IBM Blamed for Australian Census Debacle
Cybercrime: Ransomware, CEO Fraud Still Going Strong
What's Needed: More HHS Guidance, or New HIPAA Security Rule?
Hacked IoT Devices Unleash Record DDoS Mayhem
Yahoo Hacked by Cybercrime Gang, Security Firm Reports
Fancy Bear's Sloppy Mac Malware
FTC Denies LabMD's Request for 'Stay'
OCR Warns Business Associates Against Holding PHI Hostage
Australian Health Breach Exposes Danger of 'Anonymous' Data
Report: Yahoo Complied with Government Spying Order
UK Stands Up GCHQ National Cyber Security Center in London
TalkTalk Slammed with Record Fine Over Breach
Analysis: GAO Report on FDA Security Weaknesses
NSA Contractor Accused of Taking Top-Secret Documents
Australian Agency Withdraws Data After Privacy Worries
Growing Hacker Breach Tally: What's to Blame?
Dropbox's Layered Approach to Password Security
US Government Accuses Russia of Election Hacking
When Do Cloud Services Providers Have to Comply with HIPAA?
More Congressional Scrutiny of FTC's LabMD Case
How an IT Pro Kicked Hackers Off Surveillance Cameras
Federal Regulators Warn of FTP, NAS Risks
Growth in IT Security Workforce Picks Up
Hackers Target SWIFT-Using Banks With Odinaff Malware
Critics Blast New York's Proposed Cybersecurity Regulation
Akamai Warns of Account Takeovers Staged from Cameras, Routers
OIG Flags Security Flaws in Two States' Health Info Systems
IG: Secret Service's IT Has 'Unacceptable Vulnerabilities'
Attackers 'Hack' ATM Security with Explosives
GOP Website Among Thousands Hit by Malware
How Should US React to Alleged Hacks by Russia?
Trump's Email Servers Dangerously Outdated
Tough Federal Cybersecurity Standards for Big Banks Proposed
$2 Million HIPAA Penalty After Patient Data Exposed on Web
Yahoo Asks US Government to Declassify Spying Order
Yahoo Profits Rise Despite Record-Shattering Breach
Video on Alleged Medical Device Flaws Stirs Controversy
NSA Contractor's Alleged Theft 'Breathtaking'
3.2 Million Indian Debit Cards at Risk
DDoS Attack Blamed for Massive Outages
HIPAA Audit Update: Here's What's Next
Russian Indicted for Breach of Three Silicon Valley Companies
Mirai Botnet Pummels Internet DNS in Unprecedented Attack
Chinese Manufacturer Promises Partial IoT Component Recall
Sorting Out HIPAA vs. FTC Act Requirements
Hacktivist Pleads 'Not Guilty' in Children's Hospital DDoS Attack
Feds Propose Voluntary Automotive Cybersecurity Standards
IBM Blames Contractors for Aussie e-Census Stumble
Mirai Aftermath: China's Xiongmai Details Webcam Recall
Botnet Army of 'Up to 100,000' IoT Devices Disrupted Dyn
DDoS Attacks Also Slammed Singapore ISP's DNS Services
Online Ad Industry Threatened by Security Issues
Plan for Modernizing Federal IT, Enhancing Security, Unveiled
DDoS Stresser/Booter Services Feel the Heat
Shadow Brokers Says 'Trick or Treat' Over Attack Tool Leak
Microsoft Says Russian DNC Hackers Targeted Zero-Day Flaws
StarHub Attack Raises IoT Security Questions
Those Suing Anthem Seek Security Audit Documents
Liberia Latest Target for Mirai Botnet
Researchers' Belkin Home Automation Hacks Show IoT Risks
Tesco Bank Confirms Massive Account Fraud
7 Indian Embassy Websites Apparently Breached
Tally Shows Healthcare Hacker Attacks Keep Coming
OCR Urges Healthcare Entities to Reassess Authentication
Trump's Impact on Health Data Privacy, Security
New Zealand Spy Law Rewrite Sparks Concerns
Device Security: The State of the Art
When Do Ransomware Attacks Require Breach Notification?
FBI: Why So Many Organizations Are Vulnerable to Ransomware
A 'Containerized' Approach to Encryption
Giving Organizations a Security 'Score'
Yahoo Spotted Mega Breach in 2014
Court Grants LabMD a 'Stay' of FTC Consent Order
New Chinese Cybersecurity Law: A Step Backward?
Alleged Adult Website Breach May Affect 412 Million Accounts
Data Security Lessons Healthcare Can Learn From DoD
Why Cloud-Based Services Are a Mixed Bag for Security
Website of Indian Consulate General in NY Apparently Hacked
How One Laptop Could Jam Enterprise Firewalls
Shazam Keeps Ears Open When Microphone Is 'Off'
Tips on Preventing Insider Breaches
Why Credentials Are 'The New Perimeter'
New NIST Guidance Takes Engineering Approach to InfoSec
Trump's Call to 'Dismantle' Dodd-Frank: The Effect on Banks
Why Did Chinese Spyware Linger in U.S. Phones?
Congress Explores How to Bolster IoT Cybersecurity
Cloud Computing: Setting Security Expectations
Asking Cloud Providers the Right Questions
How the Dark Web Presents New Insider Threats
The New Targets for Ransomware
What Happens to Data, Systems If Obamacare Is Repealed?
Plug Pulled on Soltra Edge Threat Info Sharing Platform
Adobe Pays Small Amount to Settle With States Over Breach
Telcom Company Three Mobile Breached in Scam
OIG: HHS Needs to Push Secure Health Data Exchange
Symantec to Acquire LifeLock for $2.3 Billion
UMass Amherst Hit with $650,000 HIPAA Settlement
Report: European Banks Struck by ATM Jackpotting Attacks
Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall Breached
Election Results: Academics Seek Audit in Key States
IBM Settles With Australian Government Over Census Debacle
US Navy Sailor Data 'Accessed by Unknown Individuals'
Ransomware Result: Free Ticket to Ride in San Francisco
Revised 21st Century Cures Bill Drops HIPAA Privacy Changes
ATM Skimming Attacks Hit NY Hospitals
Mirai Botnet Knocks Out Deutsche Telekom Routers
Is Ransomware Creeping Into Facebook and LinkedIn?
OCR Warns of Fake HIPAA Audit Emails
Trump Nominates Rep. Tom Price to Head HHS
House Passes Revamped 21st Century Cures Bill
Fast-Spreading Mirai Worm Disrupts UK Broadband Providers
What's on HHS OIG's Plan for Scrutinizing Security in 2017?
Police Shut Down Global Cybercriminal Fraud Service
Obama Panel Urges Trump to Quickly Address Cybersecurity
Reports: Hackers Steal $31 Million from Russia's Central Bank
Health Data Breach Tally: More and More Hacker Attacks
DDoS and Extortion: The Evolution
US Tech Firms Promise Terror Content Crackdown
Backdoors in Sony IP Cameras Make Them Mirai-Vulnerable
21st Century Cures Act Awaits President's Signature
Massive Malvertising Campaign Hits MSN, Yahoo
HHS Offers Tips on Mitigating DDoS Risks
Bangladesh Bank Heist Probe Finds 'Negligent' Insiders
HIPAA Guidance Focuses on Disclosing PHI for Public Health
Reports: CIA Says Kremlin Tried to Sway Vote Toward Trump
Yahoo Breach Alert: 1 Billion Accounts at Risk
Third Alleged Hacker Arrested in Chase Breach
Obama Suggests Putin Behind Hacks to Influence Vote
Romanian Cybercrime Suspects Extradited to Face US Charges
L.A. County: Major Breach Stemmed from Phishing Attack
Report: Shadow Brokers Leaks Trace to NSA Insider
Governors Recommend Aligning State Privacy Laws with HIPAA
US-Backed Effort to Ease Software Export Limits Fails
Online Bank Fraud Mastermind Failed to Cover Tracks
A Handy Guide to Standards for Secure Health Data Exchange
Russian Gang Netted $3M Daily via Video Ad Fraud
Russian DNC Hackers Tied to Ukrainian Artillery App Hack
Major Breach: Insurer Blames System Integrator
Ukrainian Power Grid Blackout Alert: Potential Hack Attack
Obama Signs Bill Elevating Cybercom to Full Command
Who Is Trump's Top Security Adviser Tom Bossert?
FDA Unveils Additional Medical Device Security Guidance
Russian Election-Related Hacking Details Declassified
Analysis: 2016 Health Data Breaches, and What's Ahead
Task Force Issues Cybersecurity Advice to Donald Trump
Linux KillDisk Ransomware Can't Decrypt
Congressional Report Spotlights IoT Risks
Intelligence Report Blames Putin for Election-Related Hacks
Trump Confirms Russian Hacking Campaign, Aide Says
2 Agencies Issue Alerts on St. Jude Medical Cardiac Devices
$475,000 HIPAA Penalty for Tardy Breach Notification
MongoDB Ransomware Compromises Double in a Day
A New In-Depth Analysis of Anthem Breach
Rubio: Russia's Intent Is to Spread Disarray
FTC vs. D-Link: A Warning to the IoT Industry
'Explosive' Report Details Alleged Russia-Trump Team Ties
Trump on Hack: 'I Think It Was Russia'
Doctor Won't Be Fined in HIPAA Case Involving Campaign
Ukraine Blackout Redux: Hacking Confirmed
British NHS Trust Investigates Suspected Cyberattack
When Can Patient Information Be Shared With Loved Ones?
NIST Issues Draft of Revisions to Cybersecurity Framework
Cancer Charity Latest Apparent Victim of 'TheDarkOverLord'
Obama Commutes Sentence of WikiLeaks Leaker Manning
Bitcoin Exchange Crackdown: Two Employees Plead Guilty
IT Security Employment Soars to Record High
Insurer Slapped with $2.2 Million HIPAA Settlement
Western Union to Pay $586 Million in US Fraud Settlement
Unauthorized Access Breach Raises Many Questions
SEC Reportedly Probing Yahoo's Breach Notification Speed
Lloyds Banking Group Reportedly Hit by DDoS Attack
Australia to Warn Political Parties of Hacking Risks
Breach Repercussions: Yahoo Reports Verizon Deal Delay
HHS OIG: Medicare Contractors Struggle with Security Gaps
Microsoft Prevails in Case Involving Stored Emails
Report: Russia Arrests Cybersecurity Official
Insider Threat: Paramedic Indicted for Narcotics Theft
Trump Executive Order May Shatter 'Privacy Shield' Pact
Report: Trump to Call for Cybersecurity Review
Taiwan Sentences Money Mules in ATM Attacks
W-2 Phishing Scams: Mitigating the Risks
The Impact on HHS of Trump's Regulatory Reduction Order
Australia Plants Seeds for Fintech Cybersecurity Industry
House Passes Bill to Tighten DHS Insider Threat Defenses
Ransomware Freezes Eight Years of Police Evidence
$3.2 Million HIPAA Fine: An Analysis
IRS: New Email Phishing Combines W-2 Theft, Wire Fraud
Former Tenet Executive Indicted in $400 Million Fraud Scheme
Federal Magistrate Orders Google to Turn Over Foreign Email
FBI: Cybercrime Gang Stole $1.2 Million via Bank Malware
Intercontinental Hotels Confirms Breach
Researchers See Links Between Iran and Mac Malware
Sizing Up Health Data Breaches Reported in 2017 So Far
House Seeks Warrants for Access to Old Emails
As ATM Attacks Rise, Banking Group Improves Incident Tracking
Phisher Refrain: We Will Crypto-Lock You
Former US Contractor Indicted in Theft of Classified Material
Kaspersky: Banks, Governments, Telcos Hit by Fileless Malware
Russia Busts Nine More Lurk Malware Suspects
Revised Cybersecurity Executive Order Seen as More Moderate
New Zealand Privacy Chief Backs $1 Million Fines for Breaches
How Will New HHS Secretary Lead Security, Privacy Efforts?
Is Bank Malware Campaign Linked to North Korea?
Art Coviello on Today's Top Cyber Challenges
The Evolution of Security Operations
The Future of Cybersecurity
The Technology of 'Offensive Defense'
Breach Response: What Lessons Has Retail Sector Learned?
The Need for Next-Generation Endpoint Protection
Better Bug Eradication in the Age of Agile Development
Why Cybercrime Business Is Still Booming
A Common Sense Guide to Mitigating Insider Threats
The Emergence of Managed Detection and Response
The Power of Cognitive Security
SOC: Threat Discovery, Analysis, Enrichment and Automation
The Evolution of Vendor Risk Management
Step One: Admitting We Have a Cybersecurity Problem
A New Approach to Endpoint Security Software Testing
Maryland Considers Singling Out Ransomware as a Crime
SonicWall's 2017 Threat Report
The Power of Human Intel
Digital Evolution and Fraud Evolution
Creating New Efficiencies in Vendor Risk Management
Australia Enacts Mandatory Breach Notification Law
Bickering Over Trump's Mobile Device Use Intensifies
Microsoft Advocates 'Digital Geneva Convention'
RSA Conference Journal: First Days' Highlights
Former Federal CISO on Cyber State of the Union
The Impact of Trump Administration on Cybersecurity
The First Step in Protecting Business Data
FTC, FCC Flex Muscles
Mobile Devices: What Could Go Wrong?
The Emergence of Analytics and Machine Learning
The CISO's Evolving Role
FBI Insights on Investigating Cybercrime
Integrated Security Platform: How to Get There
RSA Conference Update: Talking Phishing
Cybersecurity and the New 'Adequate'
Litigating Cybersecurity and Privacy
Privacy Agenda: GDPR and the New Awareness
Behavioral Analytics: The Defender's New Edge
Emerging Strategies for Email Security
Phishing: Inside the New Attacks
Email Security from the Trenches
$5.5 Million HIPAA Settlement for Florida Provider
Reworked N.Y. Cybersecurity Regulation Takes Effect in March
Yahoo Takes $350 Million Hit in Verizon Deal
Post-Quantum Crypto: Don't Do Anything
States: Rescind Electoral Critical Infrastructure Designation
Federal Judge Rejects Fingerprint Collection
SHA-1 Has Fallen
The Best of RSA Conference 2017
Cloudflare Coding Error Spills Sensitive Data
Bill Seeks Metrics for NIST Cybersecurity Framework
Emory Healthcare Database Breach: What Happened?
Yes, Unicorns With Bluetooth Problems Really Do Exist
Panel OKs Plan for NIST to Audit Framework Implementation
Yahoo CEO Loses Bonus Over Security Lapses
OIG: HHS Making Info Security Progress, But Still Has Gaps
Feds Drop Child Pornography Case to Protect Exploit Code
Ransomware Onslaught Continues: Old Foes, New Defenses
$60 Million Fraud Case Involves Hospice Patients' EHRs
Backup Error Exposes 1.37 Billion-Record Spamming Database
CA Snaps Up Code-Testing Firm Veracode for $614 Million
Latest Executive Order Draft Promotes Risk-Based Approach
WikiLeaks Dumps Alleged CIA Malware and Hacking Trove
HHS' IT 'Strategic Plan' Spotlights Cybersecurity, Privacy
Apache Struts 2 Under Zero-Day Attack, Update Now
Breach Tally: Hacking Incidents Still on the Rise
Secure Desktop as a Service
7 Facts: 'Vault 7' CIA Hacking Tool Dump by WikiLeaks
Canadian Agency Narrowly Avoids Breach from Zero-Day Flaw
Despite Breaches, Yahoo CEO Gets Golden Parachute
HHS Leadership Post Picks: Sizing Up the Impact
Twitter App Hack Spews Swastikas and Turkish Spam
Russian Spies, Two Others, Indicted in Yahoo Hack
Internet-Connected Sex Toy Maker Settles Privacy Lawsuit
Security Weaknesses Found at Yet Another Healthcare Agency
Bill Would Compel Firms to Say If CyberSec Expert Sits on Board
Gov Networks - Are They Protected?
Comey Confirms FBI Probe into Possible Russian-Trump Ties
Cisco Finds Zero-Day Vulnerability in CIA Attack Tool Dump
Necurs Botnet Shifts from Ransomware to Pump-and-Dump Scam
Glove Use Key to Arrest of Alleged Darknet Drug Trafficker
New Mexico Set to Be 48th State with Breach Notification Law
Hospital Breach Lawsuit Gets Class-Action Status
LastPass Fixes Software Error That Exposed Passwords
Apple Extortion Attempt by Hackers Likely a Bluff
Silicon Valley Firm Coupa Hit by W-2 Fraudsters
Apple Says Latest WikiLeaks CIA Attack Tool Dump No Threat
FCC's Pending ISP Privacy Regulation in Jeopardy
HIPAA-Enforcer OCR Gets New Leadership
Google Outlines Plan to Reject Symantec's Digital Certificates
British Home Secretary Demands Backdoored Communications
Texas Specialty Practice Suffers Ransomware Attack
Apple Blocks 'Locked for Illegal Pornography' Ransomware
DHS Late in Submitting CyberSec Strategy to Congress
FBI Warns Healthcare Entities of Threats to FTP Servers
FCC Privacy Rule a Presidential Signature Away from Being Axed
Hong Kong Loses 3.7 Million Voter Registration Records
NY Deals with App Vendors Could Fuel More Privacy Actions
Brexit Blues: UK Threatens to Cancel Security Cooperation
'Can You Hear Me?' Scam Hooks Victims With a Single Word
Audit: OPM Offered Duplicate ID Protection Services
HHS Names New Health IT Leaders
Kaspersky Links North Korean IP Address to Lazarus
Boosting Healthcare Sector Cybersecurity: Essential Steps
What's Next? Consumer Privacy After Dismantling of FCC Reg
Regulators Warn of Man-in-the-Middle Attack Risks
Measure Aims to Help Small Businesses Build Cyberdefenses
Google Discovery Shows Fragility of Mobile Phone Security
Pediatric Practice Reports Ransomware Attack
US Withdraws Summons to Unmask Administration Critic
Are Large Teaching Hospitals At Greater Risk for Breaches?
Zero-Day Attack Targets Microsoft Office
Spanish Police Arrest Russian Computer Programmer
Ease Ban on Unique Patient IDs, Groups Again Urge Congress
Symantec Links 'Longhorn' Group to CIA Hacking Files
Another Ransomware Attack Added to HHS Breach Tally
Privileged Access Management: The Hidden Obstacles
CISOs Need to Balance Security with Innovation
How to Engage the Customer in Fraud Prevention
The Evolving Cybersecurity Standard of Care
Putting Vulnerability Management in Context
Investigating Business eMail Compromise and Ransomware
'Trust Attacks' Fueled by IoT Risks
Gauging the Impact of New York's New Cyber Rules
OCR Signs $400K HIPAA Settlement with Colorado-Based Health Center
Groups Say NIST Must Better Address Healthcare's Cyber Needs
Callisto Group Repurposed Dumped Hacking Team Spying Tool
FDA Sends Warning Letter to Abbott Labs About Cyber Flaws
Hackers Reveal Apparent NSA Targeting of SWIFT Bureaus
Neiman Marcus: 2015 Breach Exposed Full Card Details
Identity Management Lessons from Estonia
DHS Secretary Seeks Help from Tech Sector to Fight Cyberthreat
HHS Watchdog Agency Issues Phone Scam Warning
New Mexico Governor Signs Data Breach Notification Law
InterContinental Hotels Group: Malware Hit 1,200 Locations
Cybersecurity Startup Exposed Hospital Network Data in Demos
Large Australian Companies Expect Rising Cyber Risks
Clean Break: Block Ex-Employees' Access
DoublePulsar Pwnage: Attackers Tap Equation Group Exploit
Telehealth App Lawsuit Spotlights Privacy Questions
Lack of BAA at Center of New HIPAA Settlement
Russian Receives Record-Setting US Hacking Sentence
HHS Smacks Heart Monitoring Firm with $2.5 Million Settlement
Blowout Cards Issues Card-Skimming Breach Alert
Analysis: Data Protection in India - Getting It Right
Teen Hacker Sentenced Over 'Titanium Stresser' Attacks
PassFreely Attack Bypasses Oracle Database Authentication
Trump's First 100 Days: Assessing Health Data Privacy, Security
Interpol Sweep Uncovers Malware Infections Throughout Asia
TalkTalk Hack: Two Men Plead Guilty
Legislation to Modernize Federal IT Reintroduced in Congress
California Auto Loan Firm Spills Customer Data
Intel Alert: Critical Security Flaw Affects Many CPUs
IBM Shipped Malware-Infected Flash Drives to Customers
ONC Seeks Help Measuring Interoperability Progress
The Evolution of Crimeware as a Service
Georgia Attorney General Carr on Battling Cybercrime
The Case for Improving Incident Response
Information Security Forum's Durbin Sizes Up Threat Landscape