DHS Seeks More Infosec Funds for 2012

Napolitano: Securing Cyberspace Among Department's Top Missions

By , March 2, 2011.
DHS Seeks More Infosec Funds for 2012


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bHomeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, testifying before the Senate Appropriations Committee Wednesday, characterized securing and safeguarding cyberspace as one of the department's six primary missions.

"Today's threat picture features an adversary who evolves quickly and who is determined to strike us here at home - from the aviation system and the global supply chain to surface transportation systems, critical infrastructure and our cyber networks," Napolitano said. "To safeguard and to secure cyberspace, the budget increases resources to identify and reduce vulnerabilities in our nation's key cyber networks."

Here's how Napolitano broke down DHS cybersecurity spending request for fiscal year 2012, which starts Oct. 1:

    Federal Network Protection: $233.6 million to expedite the deployment of Einstein 3 to prevent and detect intrusions on computer systems and to upgrade the National Cybersecurity Protection System, building an intrusion detection capability and analysis capabilities to protect federal networks.

    Federal IT Security Assessments: $40.9 million to support the department's efforts to strengthen federal network Security of large and small agencies by conducting an estimated 66 network assessments to improve security across the executive branch.

    Cybersecurity Workforce Needs: $24.5 million to provide high-quality, cost-effective virtual cybersecurity training and education to develop and grow, including staffing and recruiting, a robust cybersecurity workforce that is able to protect against and respond to national cybersecurity threats and hazards.

    Cyber Investigations: The fiscal year 2012 budget continues to support cyber investigations conducted through the Secret Service and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, targeting large-scale producers and distributors of child pornography and preventing attacks against U.S. critical infrastructure through financial crimes task forces.

    Cyber Mission Integration: $1.3 million to enable DHS to coordinate national cybersecurity operations with the Department of Defense's National Security Agency. This funding will support a landmark memorandum of agreement signed by Napolitano and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates that aligns and enhances America's capabilities to protect against threats to critical civilian and military computer systems and networks (see DHS, DoD to Tackle Jointly Cyber Defense).

    Cybersecurity Research: An increase of $18 million for the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative to support research and development projects focused on strengthening the nation's cybersecurity.

    When senators queried Napolitano on the budget, their questions focused on parochial interests to their states and physical threats to the homeland, and not cybersecurity.

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