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Treasury Websites Reportedly Hacked

Access Spotty to Bureau of Engraving and Printing Sites
Treasury Websites Reportedly Hacked
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Two websites for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, the Treasury Department unit responsible for print United States currency, have been hacked, according to the blog of a security software vendor.

Roger Thompson, chief research officer for IT security software vendor AVG, wrote in his blog that "for a short while (Monday) a couple of websites were hacked, and were reaching out to an attack site in Ukraine."

Thompson identified the sites as and "They had been script injected with the line of code," Thompson wrote. "BTW, you should not mess with the attack site. It was dead earlier (Monday), but could easily come back to life."

At first, Thompson credited Treasury with quick action to fix the problem, but in another blog entry posted late Monday, said the problem persists.

A Treasury spokesman confirmed Tuesday afternoon that the agency is having problems with those pages, which remained inaccessible.

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